Wednesday 12 November 2014

Review of "Renaissance (EP)" by Antoinette Released 24th November 2014

Antoinette are a South West metalcore band formed of Benjamin Jones(Vocals), Joe Duxberry (Guitar & Vocals), Andrew Wilson (Guitar), Sam Sara (Bass) and Thomas Shrimpton (Drums).  This is review of their second EP Renaissance.

The EP start with a comic telephone message on track "" before "Machines (ft Justin Hill)" grabs the listener by the throat with sledgehammer metal riffs, cookie monster vocals and a clean sung hook that ties the song together. "Machines" features the vocals of the extremely talented Justin Hill of Sixth which adds another dimension to the song.

Up next is "Conform/Control" which has a guitar tone that could blister paintwork and features the strongest chorus on the album; The band take their foot slightly off the throttle for "Misanthropist" which whilst still being heavy has a more relaxed pace showcasing the guitar work.

The band have built on the foundations of their first EP showing tighter song craft and catchier hooks.The album ends on "Avalanche" which keeps up the relentless heaviness of the EP right to the end leaving listener wanting more.  This EP is a must for those who like Devils Wear Prada, Bury Tomorrow and Alexisonfire.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Review of "Journeys" by Lancaster Released 17th November 2014

Lancaster are an alternative rock band from Spain and consist of Anth Alonso (Vocals), Rubén Gómez (Guitar), Nacho Larraza (Guitar), Adru García (Bass) and Miguel Vera (Drums) . This is a review of their album Journeys.

Journeys kicks off with "Die Young" with a swirling guitar riff before a wall of fuzzed guitars and Anth's vocals kick in. Anth (who sings in English) has a distinctive phrasing style and singing voice which really works soaring over the top of the layers of guitar work.

Songs like "Bridges" with its catchy chorus and the short but dance-able "Deadly Sins" solidify this as a consistently enjoyable record. The album takes a breather for the beautiful poignant acoustic guitar instrumental interlude "Hallelujah".

The second half the album is more relaxed with songs like electronic backed "The Beast In Me"  and the orchestral flourished "Thorns" showing the band understand dynamics and keep the album interesting engaging listen.

The band reach full power of the overdriven "Young Blood(Take Me Higher)" with its massive bass line and rock and roll guitars. The album ends on "Love Is A War We Have Lost" an echo drenched song with simple but effective guitars; the track is reminiscent of Incubus at their most melodic.

This is a captivating, often exhilarating puzzle of an album with big powerful guitars, great atmospheric instrumentation and lead singers Anth brilliant vocals. Recommended for fans of Incubus, Thrice, 30 Seconds To Mars and Mallory Knox.

The album is release on 17th November 2014

Monday 20 October 2014

Review of "Tex-Mexiconomy (EP)" by We Are Carnivores Released 10th November 2014

We Are Carnivores are a Post-Hardcore band from Hull consisting of Harry Christopher (Vocals, Guitar), James Pickersgill (Guitar, Vocals), Beu Smith (Drums) and Alex Gower (Bass, Vocals). This is a review of their quirky titled EP Tex-Mexiconomy. The band is currently touring and played The Underground, Plymouth on Sunday 19th.

The EP kicks off with "Checkout Girl" with its sneering vocals, indie meets punk flavoured guitars. "Quick Questions Can't Stay Long" show the band are not afraid of dissonant chords to create a  jarring feeling in the intro. The album has its own energy which keeps the listener guessing what will come next.

The highlight of the album is the catchy "T.O.W.I.C.S" with its straightforward pop punk vibe with lyrics referencing selfies, Made in Chelsea, hashtag and Jordie Shore. Lead singer Harry spits his lyrics with rapid fire venom and distaste for the subject matter combined by the relentless pace of the track mean this is sure to be a live favourite.

"Iron Me" is a heartfelt disconcerting acoustic which explodes into a wall of guitar noise and feedback at the climax. The EP ends on politically charged "Are We Allowed To Just Live?" which which uses contrasting melodic phrases with discordant nirvana-esque breaks to great effect.

The EP is veritable banquet of politically charged lyrics, quirky humour,half sung / spoken / shouted vocals, quick fire riffs, big hooks, punk attitude and a keen sense of melody. For fans of Don Broco, The JCQ, Reuben, Mallory Knox and Lower Than Atlantis.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Review of "The Hunter, The Gatherer" by Arizona Released 20th October 2014

Arizona are a metalcore band from Essex formed in 2011 consisting of Jacob Scroggs-Parris (Vocals), George Southernwood (Drums), Brad Laurence (Guitar), Benjamin Wyckes(Guitar) and Jordan Swan (Bass). The band release "The Hunter, The Gatherer" on 20th October 2014.

It is clear from the very second of "Black Hart" that it is going to be a heavy affair, with downtuned chugging riffage, rapid drums and lead singers Jacob's vocals reminiscent of the lead singer of Spineshank.  "The Hunted" and the notch heavier "The Gathering" are structurally and sonically similar; clearly the two tracks are meant to be companion pieces, reflective of each other.

The EP ends on the strongest track "Preacher" which starts with a slow creepy halloween-esque intro before stabbing guitar riffs and a catchy repeating lead riff kick in, topped off with Jacob spitting his lyrics like his life depends on it. If this track does not get your head banging you are possibly dead.

The Hunted is a take no prisoners romp through a riff strewn landscape, complete with machine gun drumming, thumping bass and half screamed/ half shouted vocals. The EP would appeal to fans of Bury Tomorrow, early Spineshank, Hatebreed and Chimaira.

Monday 29 September 2014

Review of "Faultlines" by Road To Horizon Released 20th October 2014

Road To Horizon are a five piece post hardcore band hailing from the depths of Yorkshire consisting of Ben Flockton(Vocal), Chris McIntosh (Guitar/Vocals), Benji Wilson (Guitars), Oli Parkinson (Bass) and Sie Gordon(Drums).

The album artwork for "Faultlines" has a passing resemblance to Bury Tomorrow's latest album "Runes" and from the start of the title track the similarities continue; the band play a similar post hardcore blend of crunchy guitars, blastbeat drumming with mix of unclean and clean vocals. What sets the band apart from the more metalcore Bury Tomorrow is their keen sense of melody which runs through their songs.

Up next is "Tonight Is Our Night" which has a Yashin feel to the track, Ben's vocals leaning further towards melodic singing and a catchy soaring guitar lead;"Victimised" is as heavy as sledgehammer from start to finish, reminiscent of ADTR's heavier efforts with dual attack vocals.

Faultlines ends on the track "Sirens" which keeps up the frantic pace of the EP having a sense of urgency that pulls the listener through.The track features a more Godsmack-esque riff and lyrics that you will be singing long after the songs ends.

This EP is full of vibrant songs packed with big riffs, memorable hooks and strong vocals to keep even the most jaded post hardcore / metalcore fan happy. Recommended for fans of Yashin, Funeral For A Friend, A Day To Remember and Bury Tomorrow.

The is release on the 20th October 2014 and is available here

Monday 15 September 2014

Review of "Confessions" by Ocasan Released 22nd September 2014

Ocasan have been together for over a decade relentlessly touring spreading their own brand of pop rock. The band consists of Nick Burns (vocals), Luke Mcdonnell (Drums) and Nathan Naidoo (Bass). "Confessions" marks the end of a trilogy of EPs forming an album titled "Elixir".

The EP kicks off with title track "Confessions" which lyrically is told from the point of view of a wealthy woman has been seduced by the caretaker of her home (bit weird); Musically its Mallory Knox-esque pop rock with chugging riffs, melodic vocals with driving drums and a big bass-line.

The second tracks is "Dark Cloud" a multi-layered track with heavier riffing in verses which relents for a soaring chorus. Nick's vocals shine through the dense mix making this track the standout track on the EP. "Invincible" builds on the formula of the album but packs in more riffs, more drums and a tighter bass line.

The EP ends on "Parasite" with its You Me At Six rock stomp and cabaret style backing vocals. The hooky guitar work adds to the fun of the track and Nick's vocals take on an almost punky edge.

This short but sweet EP is packed full of big hooks, catchy quirky songs, which may appeal to fans of Mallory Knox, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco.

"Confessions" is released on 21st September 2014 and will be available here where you can also buy the bands two previous EPs

Monday 18 August 2014

Embers of Eden - The Hub , Plymouth 17th August 2014

Embers of Eden are a Plymouth based female fronted hard rock band formed by two ex-members of Carnival of Crows:- Alex Dumbiotis (Vocals ,Guitar) and Oli White (Guitar); they are joined by Matt Avery (bass) and Chris Harding(drums).

The set kicked off with "Let Us Burn", lead singer, Alex's voice sounding stronger than ever with Oli's intricate guitar work served over a beefy bass line provide by Matt. The band have a unique style which borrows from bands such as Sevendust, Halestorm, Bullet for My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold to create a sound of their own.

For the second song of the set "Pull Me Under", Alex had picked up her guitar providing a bed of heavy chugging riffs to counterpoint Oli's complex guitar parts.The song featured the catchiest chorus of the set; "If my time runs out don't you be the one to pull me under." which is guaranteed to go round your head for days.

The award for most complex guitar work goes to "Bleed" with Oli's crazy mesmerising fret hopping antics leading to an epic breakdown before settling in to a groove with all band members locked in together. Special mention goes to drummer Chris for some quick fire machine gun drumming propelling the song.

The set ended on "Decay" starting with a slow atmospheric introduction before seguing into a full on aural assault, the band bludgeoning the listener with pounding drums and massive riffs right to the end. The shouts of "one more song" rang out, only to be denied by a less than rock and roll punctuality obsessed sound man. Embers of Eden came, played and conquered the Hub.

Monday 23 June 2014

Review of "Trial Period" by 5/5.8 (single)

5/5.8 are a hard rock band from Eastbourne / London and Trial Period (8.5/10) is the first single off a forthcoming EP (and hopefully album). Having heard the band live we singled out “Trial Period “ as a highlight of their short set and here it is in studio recorded form (well almost - released on the 26th June 2014).

The track kicks off with a wall of metalcore-esque riffing before being joined by lead singers, Luke’s melodic grunge tinged vocals making for a heavy but accessible listen. The song has everything crunchy metallic guitars, insistent drumming, gang backing vocals, catchy lyrics (yeah this one is going to be stuck in your head for a while) and even a short breakdown. 

It is clear that a lot of work has gone in to this track and it feature superb production.This single is a very good omen for a forthcoming release and if the young band can keep the same quality for 4/5 tracks this upcoming release will strong contender for debut EP of the year.  

(now guys make a video so this can be on permanent repeat on Scuzz/Kerrang TV)

Trial Period is released for FREE on 26th June 2014 from  5/5.8's Facebook page 

Friday 6 June 2014

Natives w/ support from Cousin Buzz and Last One Out - White Rabbit, Plymouth - 3rd June 2014

Liskeard based Cousin Buzz(7/10) launched straight in to a Red Hot Chili Pepper inspired number "Travan-core Cochin" which featured interesting guitar work, Kiedis-esque vocals and funky slap bass. As the set progressed the sound of the band morphed in to more grunge inspired songs but retained the funky basslines. The majority of the songs played were off their new EP which is released on the 12th June 2014. The band ended on the curiously named "Nigel Playton" with the song threatening to descend in to chaos before being reined in to original groove. Definitely an interesting and entertaining band to catch live.

Up next were Plymouth locals, Last One Out (7/10) who had taken the support slot the very same day. The band play post hardcore rock similar to Funeral For A Friend circa 2005 with chugging guitars, clean sung vocals and some technical guitar work. They played mainly songs from their new EP "Ten Years Too Late" which was actually recorded in the White Rabbit. The highlight of the set was "There's Always One" with a memorable melodic verse, gang vocals, shredding guitars and tight drumming.The set was enjoyable but sometimes the vocals got lost in a wall of guitars noise, but that was not the bands fault. The band had a great sense of humour suggesting that the audience could purchase their album even if was just to burn it. The set ended on the new EP's title track showcasing the bands solid song wirting skills and technical profficiency. Overall if you long for fresh new music in a similar vein as Story Of The Year or Funeral For A Friend then pick up their EP "Ten Years Too Late"or see them live.

Even before the band started playing the first thing that was noticeable about Natives (9/10) was they did not use any physical amps as their instruments were directly inputted to the PA system and the band used in-ear monitors leading to the quietest sound check. 

The band kick off their set with "Big Plans" and it was clear the band had the sound balance perfect with the crowd being able clearly hear every instrument and Jim Thomas' outstanding vocals. The band play indie rock /punk pop tunes with bright shiny guitar work, bouncy funk infused bass lines, interesting percussion and silky smooth vocals. The second song of the evening was the stand out single "Can't Say No" which had a Paramore feel to it with a dance-able beat, repeated string bending lead riff and another epic chorus

The highlight of the set was a rousing rendition of "Stand For Something" which incidentally was the only song not off their current album. The song's chorus of "I'm gonna let the light in, I wanna stand for something, it feels good, when you know why you're alive." is one of the most catchy and uplifting choruses ever committed to records.

The band consistently shined with songs like the soaring "Going In Alone"; the echo laden "Let Go" and the highly polished "The Island" showing the band can write consistent big hooks and huge choruses.The final song of the set was "For Everything" which is also last song on their album featuring heavier guitar work and lyrically more reflective themes. The band ended on an drum session with most band members taking to percussion. 

In a live setting the bands perfectly blended indie / punk pop was heavier than on record which hopefully will find it way on to later albums. This is a band that you need to see live before everyone catches on how good they are. Pop punk, indie and rock fans of Plymouth you missed an amazing young band who played and sang flawlessly.

Natives album "Indoor War" is availiable now from Itunes

Last One Out's EP "Ten Years Too Late is availiable here -

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Preview - Natives - UK Tour incl White Rabbit, Plymouth 3rd June 2014

Natives are a rock band from the New Forest Hampshire who are are currently on tour now and appearing at the White Rabbit on the 3rd June 2014 and The Cavern, Exeter on the 5th June 2014.

The band are touring in support of their 2014 release 'Indoor War' which is recommended for fans of Jimmy Eat Word, Mallory Knox and Blitz Kids.

Check Out their insanely catch track "Can't Say No" :-

The tour dates are as follows:-

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Review of "Enter The Lexicon" by Enter The Lexicon

Enter the Lexicon (8/10) are a three piece hard rock band from Newcastle and consist of Mykl Barton (Guitar & Vocals), Ben Hardy (Drums) and Danny Pitson (Bass & Backing Vocals). Their latest EP is self titled.

The EP starts with a short burst of controlled feedback at the start of "Do You Feel The Same" ; massive riffs, meaty bass lines and stomping drums are the order of the day. Mykl's vocals simmer and seethe before he finally lets loose on the soaring chorus.

Comparison to Nirvana are inevitable but Mykl's voice is unique and he does not try to mimic Kurt's vocal stylings like other singers do in the same genre; bass player Danny has a strong distorted bass tone, which fills out the sound in much the same way that Krist Novaselic's bass playing did for Nirvana.

Up next is "I Am Not You" which has a rock and roll swagger with both clean and shouted vocals and fast paced driving riffs. The sound is reminiscent of nu-grunge band, Seether with choice use of language during the chorus.

The band throw a curved ball on the Kings of Leon-esque "Full Moon" which replaces the grunge soaked guitars with alternative rock melodic sensibilities. The chorus of "I could be wrong or I could be right, I could go down or I could fight". has a catchy familiar quality, which will have you humming long after the EP has ended.

The EP ends on the cryptically titled "Enantiodromia" with its echo drenched vocals and insistent riffing; the whole track is stripped to bass, vocals and drums before Mykl's guitar hits overdrive along with some very effective call and refrain vocals.

The band have a refreshing take on the grunge meets metal sound with mountain sized riffs, hefty distorted bass and seething vocals.The EP is recommended for fans of Bush, Seether, Reuben, Silverchair and Nirvana.

Enter The Lexicon is released on 3rd June 2014.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

5/5.8 , White Rabbit , Plymouth, 2nd May 2014

5/5.8 are a hard rock band from Eastbourne / London and are formed of  Gio (Drums), James (Guitar), John (Bass), Luke (Vocals) and Danny (Guitar). The support slot at the White Rabbit was their first performance as a band.

After short instrumental the band kicked off the set with a cover of "City Lights" by Motionless In White, (their version was preferable to the original) showcasing some fleet fingered fretwork and some excellent vocals from James, Luke and Danny.

The first original song was “Love & Cobain” a heavy punk infused song which lyrically about fractious relationship of the Nirvana front man, next up was “Overcast March” a stomping rock and roll influenced mosh worthy number with intricate guitar work by James and superbly unpredictable vocals from Luke.

The highlight of the set was the song “Trial Period” which starts with epic catchy metal riff played by James and grungy vocals with an extremely memorable chorus. The audience could tell that this was the song that the band really meant and the passion shone through.

Each member had their own aesthetic which they brought to their performance; the melting pot of metal, grunge, punk, hard rock and post hardcore was fused together to form the bands unique hybrid sound. Because of their diversity the band is likely to appeal to wide range of rock fans. So expect unpredictable vocals, chugging riffs, intricate guitar work, quick drumming and dirty bass lines.

The set closed on a cover of Bring Me The Horizons "Shadow Moses" which was breathtakingly good, aided by the crowd shouts at appropriate points. It was a brave move playing such a highly regarded song for a cover and it paid off showing the bands heavier side.

Special mention has to made of Gio's pounding drumming and John's relentless bass playing on the Bring Me The Horizon cover. 

The crowd were suitably impressed with what they witnessed and the band were a perfect opener for the evening ahead; expect big things from this young band.

Monday 5 May 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 5 (Six Sins Till Sunday, Pseudomorph)

Here in Plymouth we have been treated to many international and British rock bands gracing our venues whether at the White Rabbit, The Junction , Tiki Bar or Plymouth Pavilions.

We also have a clutch of home grown talent who have been busy gigging night after night in our City and the surrounding area.

This week we focus on two heavy bands from Plymouth, one an established name and one young upstart, if you see either name on a poster you know the gig will be loud!

Six Sins Till Sunday

Six Sins Till Sunday are a 5 piece hard rock band from Plymouth forged in 2011 and consists of Chris (Vocals), Pete (Guitar),  Andy (Bass), Paul (Drums) and Colin(Guitar). The band have accomplished a lot in their relatively short existence including countless gigs and an EP called "Nex Ratio" which is available through Itunes.

The band are currently finishing off the remaining tracks to be included on their debut album, which they will be recording later this year.In 2015 they will do a tour supporting the release of the new album. Unlike many of their peers in their genre the band have wry sense of humour, and they strive to put on great live shows to please their ever expanding fan-base and new fans alike.

What Do They Sound Like?

The band mixes old school metal values with modern metal techniques to produce a sound that is both cutting edge but familiar. They combine heavy as lead riffs, epic solos and shouted/ half sung vocals all topped of with hammering drums. Their influences are Pantera, Rob Zombie and Tool(they have been known to throw in a mean cover of Bodies by Drowning Pool).

Find out more about the band at
Buy their Ep at
Follow on twitter :-
The band are playing the Tiki Bar 21st June 2014


Pseudomorph are a 5 piece hard rock band from Plymouth founded in 2013 and consists of Jack (Guitar) , Joseph (Drums), Matt(Bass), Mark (Vocals) and Jason (Guitar). The band was the idea of Jack Wiggins (there is a beanie related story) who is the chief writer and assembled the crack team* of musicians in the band.

The band have recorded a clutch of tracks available on their Facebook page and busy playing to as many people as possible around Plymouth. The band promise energetic rock to bounce, fist pump and headbang to.

What Do They Sound Like?

The band draws on the influences of all their members to create a melting pot of loud guitars, pounding drums, driving riffs, complex bass-lines and grungy vocals . They have diverse influences of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Tool, Alter Bridge and Soundgarden

Find out more about the band here:-
Follow on Twitter here:-

*A-Team reference

Friday 2 May 2014

Run Against The Crowd - Varsity - 13th April 2014

Run Against The Crowd are a hard rock band from Plymouth, consisting of Chelsea Smile (Vocals), David Gibson(Guitar), Tim Gulliver (Bass) and Carl Matthews (Drums).

The band kicked off with “Thank You” and despite being a four piece the band have a huge sound with massive riffs.  Chelsea Smile’s voice is quite delicate, like an English accented Taylor Jardine(lead singer of WATIC) backed by the bands swirling guitars, complex bass lines and thunderous drums.

Highlights of the set were aforementioned “Thank You” ; “Cheers ‘en” with its “Come As You Are - Nirvana" lyrically infused chorus/last verse accompanied by massive wall of guitar noise and the incredibly grungy sounding “Brand New”.

The band has grunge inspired rawness about their sound, mixed with an undertow of heavy riffed atmospherics reminiscent of Deftones or Far. Definitely a band to see live if you get a chance.

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Walking With Spiders- Varsity - 13th April 2014

Walking With Spiders are a Plymouth based female fronted hard rock band formed of Sharly Penney (Lead Vocals), Richard Ducky (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Pat Dunford (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Kat Rutlidge (Drums)

The band kicked off the set with their song “Panic” and the first thing noticeable is lead singer, Sharly’s amazing voice which is comparable to Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive. The highlights of the set were “The Passing” with its powerful beat and driving guitars and "Stand Up" with a extremely catchy chorus 
The band played a cover of “E.T” by Katy Perry which in its original composition is unlistenable, but with amped up guitars and superior vocals it was a pleasant surprise. The band played a slower paced number "Fight Love Take Back" showcasing Sharly's superb vocals before ending on the high octane "Escape" showing that they can rock hard.

Musically they combine powerful bass lines, with fast paced chugging riffs and Sharly’s sultry swaggering vocals. The band has a fluidity and natural ease in which they play, drawing the listener in to their well-crafted and enjoyable songs

Friday 25 April 2014

Review of "Darkness Of An Age" by Exist Immortal

Exist Immortal are a Metalcore band from West London and their debut album, Darkness Of An Age(8/10) is released on the 12th May 2014.

After a short intro of "Insanity Project" a spidery guitar riff starts up before the listener gets bludgeoned by heavy shouted vocals and a chugging wall of guitars. Seconds later the clean vocals kick in and it becomes clear that lead singer, Meyrick de la Fuente, can actually sing, unlike some of his peers in the same genre.

The highlight of the album is "Legion" a perfectly balanced mix of heavy vocals, staccato down-tuned guitars and clean melodic chorus that will get lodged in your head for days.

The album has sufficient diversity including the multi-layered guitars of "In Parallax", the more accessible single "Edge of Infinity", the group vocal led "Imperator" or the doom laden "Desolace".

The core of melody which runs the length of the record stops the behemoth of guitars and shouted vocals collapsing upon itself. There is sufficient brutality to keep the metalcore legions happy and enough diversity to appeal to hard rock fans in general.

The album closes on "The Omen Machine" a 7 minute plus sledgehammer of a track which ends in a piano outro giving the listening a rest from being pummeled by riffs.

The band have fused technical metal riffs, driving rhythms, epic solos with vocals that go from all out aggression to melodic clean singing. This album is recommended for fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Memphis May Fire, Fear Factory, Machine Head and Killswitch Engage.

See below for their video for "Edge of Infinity"

Thursday 24 April 2014

Review of "Fearsome Fables of Sunday Afternoons" by Propeller

Propeller are a South West based band consisting of Tom Keith (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar) , Lewis Gerry (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Gareth Thomasson (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Adam Drewery (Drums). Fearsome Fables of Sunday Afternoons (7/10) is their first EP release.

The EP kicks off with "No Matter Where" which features fast paced verses,a laid back catchy chorus, overdriven guitars, foot stomping bass and drums. Special mention goes to Lewis's high backing vocals which suit the song and his amazing solo towards the end of the song; a great start to the EP.

"Shine a Light" is the highlight of the EP, a very catchy tune with intricate guitar work, massive riffs, attitude and lead singers Tom Keith's smooth vocals leading the way.

The EP is consistently fun with the ska infused "Do or Die" (which hints at the heavier nature of their live performance); the Clash era brit punk of "Dance With Me"and the dirty funky baseline of meandering "Astronauts".

Production wise the EP is a little rough round the edges (which adds to it overall charm) and it would nice to hear some more of the harder edge the band bring to their excellent live performances.

This is a great summer EP, packed full of charm, bright guitars, abundant energy and catchy songs which will appeal to fans of Artic Monkeys, The Strokes, Biffy Clyro and The Libertines.

Download it here on Itunes

Monday 21 April 2014

Embers of Eden - Varsity - 13th April 2014

Embers of Eden are a Plymouth based female fronted hard rock band formed by two ex-members of Carnival of Crows:- Alex Dumbiotis (Vocals ,Guitar) and Oli White (Guitar); they are joined by Matt Avery (bass) and Chris Harding(drums). Whereas Carnival Crows' influences were blues related, Embers of Eden influences are definitely metal.

The oEsterjam gig is the first gig as a band and if they were nervous it did not show as they played flawlessly. The set kicked off with the incendiary "Call To Arms (Revolution)" which is both brutal and beautiful in equal parts and is so memorable it should be recorded and released as a single.

Musically they combine big metal riffs, powerful drums, throbbing bass with intricate guitar work topped off with Alex's smooth singing voice cutting cleanly through the intense soundscape. They have clearly been influence by early Metallica as well as modern bands such as Sevendust, Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold and Halestorm.

The set was consistently solid with tracks from the instantly catchy "Hate Me" to the heavier frenetic "Pull Me Under", and softer edged "Bleed". The changes of pace kept the set vibrant and exciting all the way through.

The band threw in a cheeky cover of Skid Row's "Slave to the Grind", which with female lead vocals was more enjoyable than the original.

The band have obviously put a lot of time and effort working on the new songs, which feature very incredibly complex guitar work.The songs are very catchy and despite being heavy are accessible even to those who are not fans of the bands influences.

If you get a chance to see the band in and around Plymouth's venues, take it, as it won't be long till someone recognises the talent on display and they will be playing much larger venues.

Saturday 19 April 2014

Review of "Heartless Machine" by Flatcat

Flatcat are a punk pop band from Bruges, Belgium (yes they sing in English) consisting of Dieter Meyns (vocals/guitar), Alexander Jonckheere (Bass / Backing Vocals), Wim Luyckx (Drums) and Dirk Luyckx (Guitar).

Heartless Machine (7.5/10) kicks off with high octane but politically incorrect "Butterface" a song which sounds like it was penned by Fat Mike from NOFX. The song features a punk attitude and a stuttering chorus.

When "Loose Tongue" starts the familiarity is comforting, three chord-ed punk pop with epically catchy chorus. The title track has a more grungy sound like Sugarcult, with more down-tuned chugging guitars than the rest of the album.

The quality of the album is consistent whether it be the old school punk stomp of "What To Say"; the heavier coming of age song "The Maladjusted" or the Taking Back Sunday-esque catchy "Take Shelter".

The album slows down for the semi-acoustic, "The Great Escape" which sounds like The Get up Kids and features a more atmospheric soundscape. Ending on the contemplative "All Anchors" a song about despair and accepting your own fate the album never fails to maintain the listeners interest.

The album is chocked full of shiny guitars, chugging riffs, solid drums, dark lyrics and a sense of fun which permeates the whole record. Flatcat are treading a well-worn path with "Heartless Machine", but their meticulously crafted take on American punk rock is enjoyable, entertaining and memorable. Fans of bands such as Blink 182, The Get Kids, Green Day and Bad Religion will enjoy this album lots..

Purchase you copy here

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Review of "Revolt" by Amaryllis released 12th May 2014


Amaryllis is a female fronted five pieces from London consisting of Sante Moonie (Vocals), Alex Whiteford (Guitar), Daniel Harris (Guitar), Alex Osborne (Bass) and Michael Mann ( Drums) the band have toured with Elliot Minor and The Dirty Youth.
Revolt (8) kicks off with “Kings” and the squeal of feedback launching into a high register riff, followed by an undertow of chugging guitars, later joined by lead singer, Sante’s melodic voice.

Sante vocal attack changes for “Stand Down”, half chanting, half singing the politically charged lyrics with passion. The song has a feel of slower paced female fronted Rise Against, building up to its thunderous ending.

“Prophecies” is harder edged track with bouncy guitars which complement Sante’s call & response verses and catchy “woah” chorus. “Goodbye”starts with a beautiful guitar solo before, Sante’s multi tracked, laid back vocals are set perfectly to the swirling guitars.
The EP ends on the beautiful semi acoustic "Strangers in August", a song reminiscent of “High and Dry” by Radiohead. Amaryllis have proven with this release, that they can produce a set of lyrically intelligent songs with stunning guitar work, interesting musical passages and unique vocals. This band is a must for fans of Funeral For A Friend, Tonight Alive, Deftones, Biffy Clyro and You Me At Six.

Revolt will be released on the 12th May 2014.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Review of "You'll Find A Way" by Out For Tomorrow - released 5th May 2014

Out For Tomorrow are a 5 piece alternative band from Bristol who have previously toured with Lower Than Atlantis and Deaf Havana. You’ll Find A Way (9/10) is their first full length album after a previously releasing a well received EP.

The album kicks off with "White Noise" and the sound of a ticking clock and slowly building guitars, before the epic bassline and pounding drums kick in. A barrage of guitars starts before the dual layered vocal attack commences propelling the track to a singalong soaring chorus.

The album has everything from the rock and roll dance-able swagger of the lead single "Give Me A Reason"; the straightforward punk tinged "Your Shining Star" to the chugging post hardcore thump of "Strike A Match".

Musically the band sways between melodic punk pop to post hardcore; think a more melodic Funeral For A Friend or a harder edged Jimmy Eat World. The ever present throbbing bass provided by Lee Mcgarel is a joy to listen to acting as a driving force of the album. (check out "Give Me A Reason" and "If I Have You" when the track falls away to uncover a succulent bassline)

The album takes a breather for “You Belong to Me” a tightly crafted interlude showcasing lead singer, Ben Lumber's amazing voice to a sparse musical accompaniment.

The band uses vocal harmonies frequently on various tracks, which gives the album a depth and sense of passion.

The album ends on the beautiful "Take My Place" a slower paced song with echo ladened guitar and vocals; lyrically the song is about moving on from a long term relationship. 

The album is crammed full of bright shiny guitars, melodic vocals, intelligent lyrics and thumping basslines. This is a must for fans of Funeral For A Friend, Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World and Natives.  You’ll Find A Way is released on the 5th May 2014 and is available for pre-order here:-

Tuesday 8 April 2014

oEstro Jam Charity Gig , Varsity Plymouth Embers of Eden Headlining.

Varsity will be hosting a charity gig on the 13th April 2014 in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Embers of Eden will be headlining the gig with support from Say It Like It Is, Run Against The Crowd, Walking With Spiders and Seeking Yesterday.

All of which are female fronted rock bands so if you are a fan of Lacuna Coil, The Dirty Youth, Paramore, Tonight Alive and Halestorm you will be well catered for. Even if you have never heard of any of the bands listed come down as it will be a great night.

Last month we covered Embers of Eden and Say It Like It Is in our Plymouth Rocks features - check it out here

then get yourself down to Varsity to not only see great live music but support a worthy charity. The music starts from 7pm......

Thursday 3 April 2014

Review of "Last One Standing" - I Divide released 14th April 2014.

I Divide are a five piece, South West, hard rock band consisting of Tom Kavanagh, Henry Selley, Josh Wreford, Kristen Hughes  and Dave Mooney.

Last One Standing (9.5) kicks off with the single, "Follow Me", and lead singer, Tom singing to an electronic backing before the rest of band kick in. The song serves as a statement of intent, crunchy guitar, screaming lead guitar and a chorus so catchy it will take days to leave your head. The song edges towards an epic crescendo, which if played too loud could cause irreversible damage to speaker equipment.

The second single, “I’m Not Leaving” showcases Tom’s amazing vocal range and passion which he instills in to every word. The heaviest track on the album is “Monster In Me” with it's potent downtuned guitars which could peal paint off walls and thundering drums. Tom's voice is comparable to the lead singer of Trapt with a glass like smoothness which cuts perfectly through the mix of heavy guitars.

The album slows down for the semi acoustic intro of “Cold At The Bottom” before the song switches gear and showcases some amazing harmonies and fleet fingered guitar work. “Living In A Hurricane” features a strong pounding beat and guitars which run away with the song before they are reined in for another epically memorable hook and throbbing bassline.

One hidden gem is “27 Down” featuring lead singer of Anavae, Rebecca Need-Menear, which surely should be the next single.The album has an urgency which pulls the listener through each song and on to the next.

The album ends on the brooding “Look At Me Now” which lyrically, is response to all the bands critics and a great way to end a superb 11 tracks.  Production wise the album is immaculate and every track is well thought out and engaging; a true tour-de-force.

Buy this if you are looking for a solid hard rock album full of memorable songs, electronic flourishes, crushing guitars, stomping drums, silky smooth vocals and a unique personality. A must for fans of Funeral For a Friend, Trapt, Sevendust and Chevelle.

Last One Standing is released on the 14th April 2014.

You can pre-order the album from 

Saturday 29 March 2014

Review of Heaven's Basement - White Rabbit, Plymouth 29th March 2014

Heaven's Basement are a four piece UK band who perform a modern take on old school hard rock.

Their intro music was  A Perfect Circles – “Counting Bodies Like Sheep“ and unsurprisingly they launched into the anthemic “Welcome Home”. The band had a full array of coloured and powerful spotlights which created amazing backdrop to their performance.

The band were in full swing powering their way through heavy hitters “Fire Fire” and “Heartbreaking Son of A Bitch" ; the audience singing every word and enjoying every second of amped up guitar noise.

The Aerosmith swagger of  “Straight To Hell” gave way to the bluesy "Nothing Left to Lose" to the full on punky “I Am Electric”, before anyone knew it we were halfway through the awesome set. 

Lead singer Aaron left the stage leaving the microphone in the capable hands of Sid to play Paranoia inviting the audience to join in with the words.
Aaron returned and the whole gig slowed down for a tear jerking performance of their ballad “The Price We Pay” which also showcased an amazing bassline ; the crowd were given time to recover from the frenetic pace of the gig.
The highlight of the show was “Jump Back” which during the epic guitar solo , Aaron jumped in to crowd and surfed his way to the bar before being wrenched back by the overzealous security; rock and roll stuff indeed.  The band ‘ended’ the main set on "Reign On My Parade" a non-Filthy Empire track which had a Gun and Roses feel to it.

The band momentarily left the stage and amidst chants of “basement” before returning for an encore which started with an rousing cover of the Rolling Stones “Jumping Jack Flash”. The gig ended on the amazing “Executioners Day” with its intricate guitar solos, QOTSA-like bassline and soaring chorus.  This gig proved not only how vital Heaven’s Basement are to the UK rock scene but how vital The White Rabbit is to the Plymouth rock scene.

Review of Glamour of The Kill - White Rabbit, Plymouth 29th March 2014

Glamour of The Kill are a four piece hard rock band from Yorkshire who have previously played the White Rabbit with Yashin.

When the band strolled on stage the first thing that was noticeable is that they look the part leather jackets, lots of black and tattoos. Lead singer and bassist Davey is incredibly photogenic and captivated the audience with his amazing stage presence. 

The band launched into “Break” which combines heavy riffage and machine gun drumming; before Davey strapped on his bass and launched into "Supremacy".The band had an infectious metal attitude combined with a skill for writing catchy songs leaving the audience in awe of the power on display.

The highlight of the set was the epic "Second Chance" with its tight chugging guitars and catchy "whoa" refrains. The sound balance was perfect meaning you could hear every riff, bass note and word even when drummer Ben was pounding the drums like a man possessed.

As a curve ball the band played an awesome cover of “Love Gun” originally by Kiss a song so simply infectious it had the band chanting the words within seconds. The set was consistently tight with most song being played from their brilliant 2013 album "Savages" including "The Only One" "Live for The Weekend" and "A Freak Like Me".

The band finished their set on "Feeling Alive" an undeniably catchy party anthem which seemed apt as the band were in the mood for partying inviting everyone to drink till 2am when their tour bus was leaving.

Glamour of the Kill came, they played and they conquered the White Rabbit with their amazing technical playing and awesome showmanship. This is a band that can put on a real rock show; expect to see a lot more of this band in future. 

Review of The Dirty Youth - White Rabbit, Plymouth 29th March 2014

The White Rabbit was just filling up when The Dirty Youth hit the stage, a five piece female fronted hard rock band from South Wales.
As soon as the band started playing it was clear that they meant business with their potent mix of hard rock riffs and screaming solos from the uber talented lead guitarist Matt.  Vocally lead singer, Danni (with amazingly pink hair) has a similar sound to Hayley Williams (of Paramore) but with a lot more attitude, but musically the band have more in common with Skarlett Riot (who incidentally played on Heaven's Basements last tour) with a harder edge.
In their 25 minute-ish set the band played a clutch of catchy tunes and proved that they are definitely one to watch.  The crowd lapped up the set; afterwards the band stayed at the merch  table talking to everyone and signing cds. I don't think you can ask for much more from a support act.

Friday 28 March 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 4 (Say It Like It Is, Embers of Eden, Still Filthy)

Our celebration of rock music in Plymouth and the South West continues with three bands for your consideration.

Say It Like It Is

Say It Like It Is are a 4 piece all female rock band from Plymouth who formed in 2010. The band consists of Wallis (Vocals), Lauren(Guitar),  Liv ( Bass) and  Jeck (drums).

The band have toured relentlessly around Plymouth playing Level 2, Oxjam and The Brass Monkey. They had their first gig outside Plymouth at The Finneygook Inn, Cornwall. in December 2013. The band have just recorded their first EP which is titled “Making Up For Lost Time” and are looking to play more venues supporting the release.
What Do They Sound Like

The band play a mixture of covers of indie /rock songs delivered with their own unique style and original songs. Their original material has a bluesy feel to it with sultry vocals and growling riffs. This is a band looking to build on their growing following and now have the songs to do so.


Embers of Eden are a brand new female fronted hard rock band from Plymouth and include members of (the now defunct) Carnival of Crows and Six Shooter. The band consist of Alex  Dumbiotis (Lead vocals/Guitar ), Oli White( Lead guitars/Vocals), Matt Avery ( Bass guitar/Vocals ) and Chris Harding (Drums)
The band have a polished set of song and are raring to get the name “Embers of Eden” around town. They have a few live recording which capture the raw spirit of the band (see links below).

What do they Sound Like
The band combine powerful heavy riffage and pounding drums topped off with smooth vocals. The band are obviously influenced by bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust and Halestorm.  


Still Filthy

Still Filthy are a new grunge band from Plymouth formed in 2011, all members of the band are currently 16 and full of youthful energy. The band consists of Josh Greenlees, Alfie Beattie, Isaac Robertson and Ross Evans.
They pride themselves on their energetic and lively shows which they have played around Plymouth and we are sure the future holds more gigging for this band.

What do they sound like

The band have a refreshing rawness to their sound and they have definitely been inspired by artitsts as Nirvana, Blink 182, Sex Pistols and Artic Monkeys.


Wednesday 19 March 2014

Call It Off - Liars EP review

Call It Off are a Pop Punk band from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, who have been together for less than 12 months and “Liars” is their second EP release. (Before anyone asks they do write and sing in English)

“Liars” (7.5) kicks off with Famous Last Words and it is clear that lead singer, Maurice, sounds quite like Billie Joe Armstrong circa Dookie, which is definitely a good thing. Musically the EP is filled to the brim with bright shiny guitars, pounding drums and throbbing bass lines.

It is evident from songs like “Burning Bridges” and “Stuck With You” that the band know how to pen a catchy tune with memorable choruses.   Lyrically they write about love lost, found and then lost again, although they eschew the schoolyard humour of their contemporaries.

The EP ends on “Call Me” which is slower paced rocker with chugging riffs and a soaring chorus, leaving the listener wanting more. 

This EP is proves that punk pop is not dead and is a must for those looking for vibrant, hook filled songs. If you are a fan of Green Day, Blink 182, New Found Glory and Millencollin this will provide your next fix of heartfelt punk rock goodness.

The EP is already availiable to buy here

See below for awesome video - Stuck With You


Saturday 15 March 2014

Beyond Recall - UP UP - Awesome band - awesome video check it out

Last night , Plymouth was introduced to a awesome band, Beyond Recall, (yes I have heard all the jokes about not remembering their name), hailing from Bristol town and currently tearing up Scuzz with their latest single Up Up.

Clearly influence by bands such as Linkin Park, Deftones and Rage Against The Machines and stamping their unique British mark on it. In their own words bug Scuzz to play UP UP #teamrecall .

Live, they combine precision playing skills, catchy songs with epic showmanship, at one point lead singer Zaid was singing on the bar. This is a band that you need in your life

Check out the video below:-

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 3 (LGM ONE, Patrons)

Our celebration of rock music in Plymouth and the South West continues with two bands, one established on the Plymouth circuit and the other brand new. This weeks Plymouth Rock's has a punky feel.


Originating from Plymouth, LGM One are an alternative rock band which fuses punk, indie and electronic influence to create a hybrid rock sound. They list Interpol, Tubelord, Blur, Weezer, Radiohead, The Clash, At the drive in and Muse as just some of their diverse influence.

The band consists of David Wells (lead vocals and dual synthesizer), Jon Barraball ( lead guitar and backing vocals), Geoff Heap (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Ben Diffey( bass and Darren Worrall on Drums)

The band have relentlessly toured around the South West spreading their unique sound, they have also put together a short EP.

What do they sound like?

The band is a combination of indie vocals, crashing drums, punk guitars all topped off with funky bass and keyboard lines.

Check out their links


Formed in 2013, Patrons hail from Plymouth. Born out of long-standing friendships and a shared passion for the unconventional. The members use the band to escape the day to day tedium of their everyday lives.

The band have recorded an EP at Middle Farm Studios famed for recording and producing albums by We Are the Ocean, Your Demise and Blitz Kids.

What do they sound like?

They combine elements of post-hardcore and alternative to form a fresh new sound. The band would appeal to fans of Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Reuben, Say Anything, Silverstein and Thursday.

Check out their links
Patrons Bandcamp

Friday 7 March 2014

A World Defined - In Absence EP review

A World Defined are an Alternative Post Hardcore band from Derby and “In Absence”(8) is their first proper release. The band is made up of Liam Reeves (Vocals), Harry Gavuzzi (Drums) Alex Sumner (Guitar), Jord Arnold (Guitar) and Matt Pearson (Bass). 

The mini-album kicks off with "June" and a catchy guitar riff backed by electronic beats before exploding into a wall of fuzzed out guitars. Lead singers, Liam’s vocals sound like cross between Thom Yorke and the lead singer of 36 Crazyfists. The song has a catchy chorus that gets lodged in your head for days. This song begs to be released as a single.
The title track starts off very reminiscent of Muse with Liam crooning to a simple piano backing and corkscrew guitar. After a few seconds the rest of the band kicks in with crashing almost tribal drums and chunky riffs. The music twists and turns round a single line refusing to repeat the same musical phrasing.
“The Void” is Thrice-like song with half sung, half shouted vocals and chugging riffage; The song ends on gang vocals before an epic breakdown, Liam shouting “We have all felt this” like a man possessed by pain.
“Gild the Lilly” is an acoustic bluesy number with whiskey soaked vocals; “Brothers” is a relatively straightforward rocker with a catchy echo ladened riff driving it forward. What sets A World Defined from their peers is the attention to detail on each track, showing that alot of thought has gone into composition.
The album ends on “Outro” an ambient electronic instrumental track with a haunting piano, giving the listen time to process what went before.

The album shows the creative diversity within its tracks which invites the listener to repeat the album to discover different layers and textures. The album can be both beautiful and brutal within the space of the same song. This is album for those who demand more than straightforward songs; a must for fans of Thrice, Radiohead, Muse and 36 Crazyfists.

The album is release on the 24th March 2014

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 2 (Propeller, Crowley's Tears)

Here at Plymouth Rock Scene we are always on the look out for local talent, last week we focused on the heavier end of the spectrum, this week we focus on two amazing alternative rock bands:-


Propeller started out in early 2013 as a group of mates with a shared passion for rock in all its many forms. Quickly they discovered they worked well as a band with each member bringing different influences to create a unique soundThe band is formed of Tom Keith (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar) , Lewis Gerry (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Gareth Thomasson (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Adam Drewery (Drums)

The band spent  2013 touring shows with artist as diverse as Sham 69, Harry Radford, Cosmo Jarvis and Mad Dog Mcrea. The band are currently playing gigs and looking record an EP in the spring.

What do they sound like?
There sound has its roots in indie rock but with a harder edge, definitely a must if you like early Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys. They play with a professionalism expected of a band that has been together alot longer.

We caught up with Propeller at The Cavern supporting Harry Radford

Crowley's Tears

Crowley’s Tears are a hard rock band from Plymouth formed in 2010 which consists of Ramon Welsh (Vocals, Guitar),  Adrian Carter (Guitar), Averill "powerhouse" Garnett(Drums)  and Steven Crossman (Bass). The band have been relentlessly touring Plymouth playing nearly every venue and entertaining every time.

The band are currently working on a single, which should be released this year as well as touring the South West.

What do they sound like?
Their sound is part grunge, part metal and part indie. They layer solid drums, funky bass lines with hypnotic riffs and grunge laden vocals. This band are a must for anyone enjoys Red Hot Chill Peppers, Nirvana , Stone Temple Pilots , Matchbox Twenty, Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden. So basically awesome!

Monday 24 February 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 1 (Ragdoll, Western Approach , Manupulated)

Here in Plymouth we have been treated to many international and British rock bands gracing our venues whether at the White Rabbit, The Junction , Tiki Bar or Plymouth Pavilions. Bands like Boy Sets Fire, Funeral For a Friend, Mallory Knox, Fearless Vampire Killers, Lost Alone, Hawthorne Heights, A World Defined, You Me At Six, Every Time I Die, Anavae, The JCQ, Ashes To Angels, Blitz Kids, Bowling For Soup, Soil and many many more have all stopped at Plymouth.
We also have a clutch of home grown talent who have been busy gigging night after night in our City and the surrounding area. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of articles focusing on local talent in order to celebrate the wealth of talent we have in our City (and surrounding areas). 

This week we focus on the heavier end of the spectrum.


Ragdoll are a 4 piece band forged in 2013 from members of Sky vs Mountain and We Were Kids Aflame. The band consists of Luke Evans (vocals), Gordon MacKenzie (guitar), Tom Chadd (Bass) and Jack Beck (Drums).  

The band spent the majority of 2013 locked away in bedrooms, bathrooms and basements around Plymouth working on their new EP “$wagdoll” (intentional dollar sign not just typo!”. The band are current playing different venues in Plymouth.

What Do They Sound Like?
The band mixes layers of crunchy guitars, pounding bass and drums with punk infused half sung/ half shouted vocals. The unpredictable vocals and epic breakdowns should lead to an interesting live show.

Purchase Ragdoll's new EP at

Find out more about the band at

Western Approach

Western Approach were formed in 2012 and have not stopped touring since, the band are a four piece made up of the cryptically named Whits ( Guitar, Vocals), Art ( Bass, Vocals), Duncz  (Guitar, Vocals) and Hanvey ( Drums, Vocals).  They recently won the Battle of Bands Contest at Level 2 and are current gigging around the south west.
What do they Sound Like

Their mix of elements from hard rock, metal and post hard-core makes an incendiary listen. For fans of Bullet for My Valentine, Rage Against the Machine, Parkway Drive and Bring Me The Horizon.

Find more about Western Approach at


Spewed from the bowels of hell in 2012, Manipulated consist of Synn Unsworth on Vocals & Guitar, Christopher Moss on Guitar, Richard Pearce on Bass and Malcolm Bray on Drums. 

The band played their first gig in March 2013 and have been relentlessly touring ever since.
What do they sound like?

Heavy as a brick to the face…… fast paced drumming , shredding riffs and heavy vocals. Clearly influenced by Metallica, Pantera, System of a Down, Lamb of God and Slayer.

Find out more about Manipulated at

More bands next week .....if your band would like to be featured e-mail plymouthrockscene At