Monday 23 June 2014

Review of "Trial Period" by 5/5.8 (single)

5/5.8 are a hard rock band from Eastbourne / London and Trial Period (8.5/10) is the first single off a forthcoming EP (and hopefully album). Having heard the band live we singled out “Trial Period “ as a highlight of their short set and here it is in studio recorded form (well almost - released on the 26th June 2014).

The track kicks off with a wall of metalcore-esque riffing before being joined by lead singers, Luke’s melodic grunge tinged vocals making for a heavy but accessible listen. The song has everything crunchy metallic guitars, insistent drumming, gang backing vocals, catchy lyrics (yeah this one is going to be stuck in your head for a while) and even a short breakdown. 

It is clear that a lot of work has gone in to this track and it feature superb production.This single is a very good omen for a forthcoming release and if the young band can keep the same quality for 4/5 tracks this upcoming release will strong contender for debut EP of the year.  

(now guys make a video so this can be on permanent repeat on Scuzz/Kerrang TV)

Trial Period is released for FREE on 26th June 2014 from  5/5.8's Facebook page 

Friday 6 June 2014

Natives w/ support from Cousin Buzz and Last One Out - White Rabbit, Plymouth - 3rd June 2014

Liskeard based Cousin Buzz(7/10) launched straight in to a Red Hot Chili Pepper inspired number "Travan-core Cochin" which featured interesting guitar work, Kiedis-esque vocals and funky slap bass. As the set progressed the sound of the band morphed in to more grunge inspired songs but retained the funky basslines. The majority of the songs played were off their new EP which is released on the 12th June 2014. The band ended on the curiously named "Nigel Playton" with the song threatening to descend in to chaos before being reined in to original groove. Definitely an interesting and entertaining band to catch live.

Up next were Plymouth locals, Last One Out (7/10) who had taken the support slot the very same day. The band play post hardcore rock similar to Funeral For A Friend circa 2005 with chugging guitars, clean sung vocals and some technical guitar work. They played mainly songs from their new EP "Ten Years Too Late" which was actually recorded in the White Rabbit. The highlight of the set was "There's Always One" with a memorable melodic verse, gang vocals, shredding guitars and tight drumming.The set was enjoyable but sometimes the vocals got lost in a wall of guitars noise, but that was not the bands fault. The band had a great sense of humour suggesting that the audience could purchase their album even if was just to burn it. The set ended on the new EP's title track showcasing the bands solid song wirting skills and technical profficiency. Overall if you long for fresh new music in a similar vein as Story Of The Year or Funeral For A Friend then pick up their EP "Ten Years Too Late"or see them live.

Even before the band started playing the first thing that was noticeable about Natives (9/10) was they did not use any physical amps as their instruments were directly inputted to the PA system and the band used in-ear monitors leading to the quietest sound check. 

The band kick off their set with "Big Plans" and it was clear the band had the sound balance perfect with the crowd being able clearly hear every instrument and Jim Thomas' outstanding vocals. The band play indie rock /punk pop tunes with bright shiny guitar work, bouncy funk infused bass lines, interesting percussion and silky smooth vocals. The second song of the evening was the stand out single "Can't Say No" which had a Paramore feel to it with a dance-able beat, repeated string bending lead riff and another epic chorus

The highlight of the set was a rousing rendition of "Stand For Something" which incidentally was the only song not off their current album. The song's chorus of "I'm gonna let the light in, I wanna stand for something, it feels good, when you know why you're alive." is one of the most catchy and uplifting choruses ever committed to records.

The band consistently shined with songs like the soaring "Going In Alone"; the echo laden "Let Go" and the highly polished "The Island" showing the band can write consistent big hooks and huge choruses.The final song of the set was "For Everything" which is also last song on their album featuring heavier guitar work and lyrically more reflective themes. The band ended on an drum session with most band members taking to percussion. 

In a live setting the bands perfectly blended indie / punk pop was heavier than on record which hopefully will find it way on to later albums. This is a band that you need to see live before everyone catches on how good they are. Pop punk, indie and rock fans of Plymouth you missed an amazing young band who played and sang flawlessly.

Natives album "Indoor War" is availiable now from Itunes

Last One Out's EP "Ten Years Too Late is availiable here -

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Preview - Natives - UK Tour incl White Rabbit, Plymouth 3rd June 2014

Natives are a rock band from the New Forest Hampshire who are are currently on tour now and appearing at the White Rabbit on the 3rd June 2014 and The Cavern, Exeter on the 5th June 2014.

The band are touring in support of their 2014 release 'Indoor War' which is recommended for fans of Jimmy Eat Word, Mallory Knox and Blitz Kids.

Check Out their insanely catch track "Can't Say No" :-

The tour dates are as follows:-