Monday, 5 May 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 5 (Six Sins Till Sunday, Pseudomorph)

Here in Plymouth we have been treated to many international and British rock bands gracing our venues whether at the White Rabbit, The Junction , Tiki Bar or Plymouth Pavilions.

We also have a clutch of home grown talent who have been busy gigging night after night in our City and the surrounding area.

This week we focus on two heavy bands from Plymouth, one an established name and one young upstart, if you see either name on a poster you know the gig will be loud!

Six Sins Till Sunday

Six Sins Till Sunday are a 5 piece hard rock band from Plymouth forged in 2011 and consists of Chris (Vocals), Pete (Guitar),  Andy (Bass), Paul (Drums) and Colin(Guitar). The band have accomplished a lot in their relatively short existence including countless gigs and an EP called "Nex Ratio" which is available through Itunes.

The band are currently finishing off the remaining tracks to be included on their debut album, which they will be recording later this year.In 2015 they will do a tour supporting the release of the new album. Unlike many of their peers in their genre the band have wry sense of humour, and they strive to put on great live shows to please their ever expanding fan-base and new fans alike.

What Do They Sound Like?

The band mixes old school metal values with modern metal techniques to produce a sound that is both cutting edge but familiar. They combine heavy as lead riffs, epic solos and shouted/ half sung vocals all topped of with hammering drums. Their influences are Pantera, Rob Zombie and Tool(they have been known to throw in a mean cover of Bodies by Drowning Pool).

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The band are playing the Tiki Bar 21st June 2014


Pseudomorph are a 5 piece hard rock band from Plymouth founded in 2013 and consists of Jack (Guitar) , Joseph (Drums), Matt(Bass), Mark (Vocals) and Jason (Guitar). The band was the idea of Jack Wiggins (there is a beanie related story) who is the chief writer and assembled the crack team* of musicians in the band.

The band have recorded a clutch of tracks available on their Facebook page and busy playing to as many people as possible around Plymouth. The band promise energetic rock to bounce, fist pump and headbang to.

What Do They Sound Like?

The band draws on the influences of all their members to create a melting pot of loud guitars, pounding drums, driving riffs, complex bass-lines and grungy vocals . They have diverse influences of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Tool, Alter Bridge and Soundgarden

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*A-Team reference

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