Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Review of Fenrir - The Rise (EP) - Released on the 21st September 2015

The cryptically named Fenrir are an alt rock 5 piece from Ipswich a town not well known for bands.
The band is formed of Ben Slater (Vocals), Mike Cockayne (Guitar/Vocals), Krishan Alwis (Guitar),Lewis Rudkin (Bass) and Ben Brennan (Drums)

The Rise(EP) is kicked off with wonderfully titled "Tell my wife I said "Hello"" and it is obvious that the band know how to find a hook and work it the song is positively anthemic. Musically its fat riffage interspersed with weaving melodic guitar parts and prominent bass line. The band continue the formula with “Bones” a short but sweet song; “Hurt Hands” has a more indie feel to it and an interesting chanted lyrics.

The EP takes a break for the interlude titled "Einn" just over a minutes worth of pure acoustic guitar bliss. After the break the band are on it again with "Smoke Signals" which has the feel of a Lower Than Atlantis track.

The album ends on "Victory Rose II" which starts slowly as an acoustic ballad before exploding in a wall of noise for the chorus. This is a diverse and mature release from the band who are clearly crafting their take on the British Alt Rock sound. A must for fans of You Me At Six, Lower Than Atlantis and Mallory Knox.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Review of Future Talk - The Path That Sadness Paved - Released 24th August 2015

On the 24th of August 2015 Gloucester based Post Hardcore band Future Talk released their debut EP "The Path That Sadness Paved". The band consists of Alex Taylor (Vocals), Jay McQuilkin (Guitar), Jack Cadenhead (Guitar) and Max Elderfield (Drums).

The first track is "Sleeping Pills" with swirling guitars and an under current of throbbing bass and drums, topped off by lead singer Alex’s lush vocals are reminiscent FFAF at their most melodic.

“Shadow Poet” starts with a simple guitar line before more chugging guitars kick in; the whole track has a delicious tension building up to the release of the chorus. The band build a fair amount of complexity in to their atmospheric sound building layers and peeling them back to showcase some powerful riffs. The “The Cliffs As A Reminder” has an early Taking Back Sunday feel and is a rewarding slowburner of a track.

The EP ends of the “Fear Life” a dynamic song which switches from delicate delay laden guitar to pounding full band crescendo on a knife edge.  This is clearly just a teaser of a talented band who are shaping up to be a superb live proposition.

This EP is recommended for fans of The Used, Blitz Kids, Underoath and Mallory Knox. Check the guys out on Facebook here.