Thursday 30 May 2013

New band to look out for .....Aria

Taking a break out from reviewing gigs , albums and providing listings.We are posting a link to a band we have just heard called Aria. Hoping to get a copy of their new album to review.

This is their video for - Purgatory....enjoy


Wednesday 29 May 2013

Carnival of Crows (Previously Six Shooter)

Carnival of Crows (previously Six Shooter) upcoming gigs:

Kitty O' Hanlons (Plymouth) Saturday 1st June
James Street Vaults (Plymouth) Saturday 8th June
The Junction (Plymouth) Friday 21st June

Go support a local rock band.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Interview with A World Defined

Plymouth Rock Scene catches up with A WORLD DEFINED after their succesful performance supporting ANAVAE at the White Rabbit, Bretonside, Plymouth.
PRS: Hi we are Plymouth Rock Scene, a new blog about gigs and rock in Plymouth and the South West. You guys played at the White Rabbit, Plymouth how was the experience?
AWD:We really enjoyed the White Rabbit, it's. really cool venue and the crowd were more than willing to get involved and chat after our set.

PRS: Do you have plans to return to the South West any time soon?
AWD:We would love to return soon for sure. Over the next few months we are going to be hitting the studio but also have numerous plans to tour so I wouldn't be surprised if we were back this year at all!
PRS: When can we expect to be able to own / download any albums or eps?
AWD: Right now! If you head over to our Facebook page we have free download links for the last 3 songs we have released. You can also check out our videos for 'perseverance' and 'cancervive' on YouTube. As I said, we are heading to the studio in June and July so we hope to have a mini album out before the winter. We are hoping for really big things to come from our next release.
PRS: Where has been the worst place you have played?
AWD: I think every band has played numerous terrible shows haha but we did play a particularly poor one in Selby a few months back!
PRS For anyone who has not heard your music how would you describe it?
AWD: We would certainly say we try to be different and bring something new to the market. We are our own blend of atmospheric, ambient rock pop.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

Bring Me the Horizon have achieved it on Sempiternal, where many have tried and many have failed, they have embedded electronics and ambient sounds to create a sound greater than the sum of its parts. A cohesive, compelling, special collection of songs. Lead singer, Oli Sykes, has the full range from clean singing, chanting, screaming to full on deathcore shouting, which gives each song a unique sound.

The band mix ambient passages such as in "Sleepwalking" and "Seen it Before" with the anger of Antivist. The building nature of "And The Snakes Start to Sing" showcases the intricate guitar work and reflective vocals which could be described as haunting.  The heavy aspect will appeal to their hardcore faithful and the diversity will bring more mainstream fans that may have been put off by the previous full on assault nature of their early work.

Lyrically the albums main themes are discontentment, anger and self-reflection. The use of the English language could be described as extensive and colourful. Rather interestingly the album is produced by Terry Date who took Deftones from the full on attack of Around the Fir to the epic White Pony. The comparison with Deftones are noticeable on the beautiful closer "Deathbeds" which is the perfect end to this is a very well-crafted album. A must for any hard rock fan (9).

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Exeter Cavern - Up coming events

I know this is Plymouth Rock Scene but as there is no Exeter Rock Scene and its not far to travel here's the Exeter Cavern Listings. These are taken from their website any errors complain to them not me.

CRYOSTORM - VERSION LAUNCH PARTY, EXETER: Cavern, Mon 27th May, 2013, 8pm


SENSES FAIL + GUESTS, EXETER: Cavern, Fri 31st May, 2013, 7PM


I DIVIDE + WE ARE FICTION, EXETER: Cavern, Wed 5th Jun, 2013, 8pm

OPM + IDIOM & SANGUINE (UNPLUGGED), EXETER: Cavern,Sat 8th Jun, 2013, 7PM


PATENT PENDING (US POP PUNK) + BOTTOM LINE,EXETER: Cavern, Tue 11th Jun, 2013, 8pm

GHOST MICE AND PERKIE, EXETER: Cavern, Wed 19th Jun, 2013, 8PM

KAIDEKA + DISHONOUR THE CROWN, EXETER: Cavern, Sun 30th Jun, 2013, 8PM

N.U.M.B + JOYRIDE, EXETER: Cavern, Mon 8th Jul, 2013, 8pm

THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT, EXETER: Cavern, Tue 9th Jul, 2013, 8pm

HEAVEN'S BASEMENT PLUS GUESTS, EXETER: Cavern, Tue 16th Jul, 2013, 8pm

SIX BY SEVEN - EXETER: Cavern, Thu 25th Jul, 2013, 8pm

FLATLINERS + GUESTS, EXETER: Cavern, Sat 3rd Aug, 2013, 8pm

HARRY RADFORD (YASHIN), EXETER: Cavern, Tue 10th Sep, 2013, 8pm

MADINA LAKE - FAREWELL SHOW!, EXETER: Cavern, Mon 23rd Sep, 2013, 8PM

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Anavae Live Review w. support from A World Defined and Crowleys Tears, White Rabbit, Bretonside 16th May 2013


The night kicked off with a local band Crowley's Tears (7) who's lead singer was clearly putting his all in to the performance. The band were rough round the edges but their set was enjoyable and a good start to the evening. They are playing Volksfest this year if you want to check them out.

The next band up was A World Defined (8) which featured a gifted lead singer who spent the majority of the time in amongst the crowd pacing around which was refreshing and involving. The music was inspired in part by Deftones and despite the White Rabbits poor sound quality the vocals shone through the heavy soundscape. If you get a chance check them out on facebook as they have some free songs to download, definitely one to watch in future.

After a short break Anavae (9) joined the stage the lead singer,  Rebecca Need-Menear (pictured above), was a captivating front woman singing her heart out. The band started with the storming Sunlight Through a Straw, Rebecca perfectly hitting the high notes. They played with the level of professionalism of a band that had been playing alot lot longer. The highlight of the set was a brilliant rendition of Invaesion. The electronic backing tracks they used perfectly blended in the with live instruments. The only disappointment was that the set lasted 5 songs and an epic drum solo that had the majority of the band playing percussion. Again if you get chance to see Anavae before they make it big then take it.

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