Saturday 10 August 2013

Fearless Vampire Killers, LostAlone , Ashes To Angels, LGM One 9th August 2013, White Rabbit Plymouth


First on stage were LGM One (7) a self-styled synth punk rock band who were enthusiastic. They were enjoyable to watch and the guitarists played with a skill and dexterity. What separated them from other punk bands is that they were able to get in a groove and explore it. Hopefully they will play some more Plymouth shows.

Ashes To Angels
Next to hit the stage was Ashes to Angels(8) who were certainly making the most of their support band slot playing the crowd favourites, "Hanging Tree", "Elsinore" and "Ugly Club". Ashes To Angels play a heady mix of punk rock, synths and passion. They now feel at home at the White Rabbit and it is certainly their time to shine. The highlights of the night were the flawless versions of "Wintervention" and "Dorian" which were sublime. Crilly was his usual self, bouncing round the stage hanging off fixtures, jumping in to the crowd to much delight of all involved. Special mention goes to Falkor for his amazing guitar playing and showmanship skills. Although this was always Crilly's show with charm and charisma. If you hear Ashes to Angels on record they are 10 times heavier live which is very good. They were so good the crowd did not want them to stop playing,

Ashes To Angels are playing the White Rabbit on Saturday 5th October 2013. Get your tickets here


Next up was Steven Battelle and his powerhouse Lost Alone (8), a band that had a 5 K live review in Kerrang and we can see why. Hailing from Derbyshire, the band play a mix of meaty punk rock with metal riffs which played any louder could topple houses. Although only a three piece, this worked to their advantage with the intricate riffs given space to breathe and be enjoyed. They played mainly songs from their album I'm a UFO in this City including "Vesuvius" and the unbelievably good "Creatures". They also played some new material which shows that another blistering record is coming are way. If this band come to a town near you, go see them.

Fearless Vampire Killers

When Fearless Vampire Killer(9) hit the stage the crowd was hungry for more and that is what FVK delivered. Giving the crowd singalong choruses, riffs, showmanship and humour. They burst straight in to a song off their new EP called "The Pilot: P-Train" or the Motherfucking P Train it should be rechristened. FVK have two massive talents in both Kier and Laurence sharing lead and backing vocal duties. The band play theatrically themed alternative rock in a similar vein to My Chemical Romance with a harder edge. The band played crowd favourites “Necromania”, “At War With The Thirst” and “Bow Ties on Dead Guys” all off their Militia of the Lost Album. 

The highlight of the night goes to "Could We Burn, Darling?" which blew the roof off the White Rabbit. Special mention goes to the sublime bassist, Drew, who provided excellent backing vocals to the songs and amazing bass playing. The set ended with everyone of stage playing a cover of Billy Joel's "I'm Still Standing". Everyone went home with smiles on their faces.

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