Friday 22 May 2015

Review of "The Calm, The Storm" by The Sun Explodes

The Sun Explodes are a Progressive Metal band from Carlisle formed of Dave Maclachlan(Vocals), Jamie Harris (Drums), Alex Adamson (Guitar), Mike Walker (Bass) and Alex Harris (Guitar).

The first track “The Calm” starts with a haunting delay ladened guitar work before lead singer Dave Maclachan's smooth vocals kick in, the track explodes with stabbing guitar riffs contrasting with the calm of the opening; the opener morphs into “The Unatural” which continues the light and dark formula coasting on a wave of floating vocals before the band steps on the gas with guitar led mayhem.

The band are consistently engaging whether it be the QOTSA stomp of “The Grand Design” or the straight ahead rocker “I Walk Alone” which features the catchiest hook of the records.

The EP ends on “Storm of Light” with Dave’s vocals gliding over a piano led atmospheric landscape before the song peaks with full on driving riffage before ending on the serene piano and vocals. The album is veritable banquet of riffs, interesting vocals, harmonies and different sonic texture.

This EP would appeal to fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Thrice, The Mars Volta, Queens of The Stone Age and Tool.

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Monday 18 May 2015

Annisokay - The Hub, Plymouth - 6th May 2015

Annisokay are 5 piece post hardcore band from Halle, Germany who were the main support for Fearless Vampire Killers on their tour of England. After a quite trippy drum and bass style intro the band hit the stage with their first song “Monstercrazy”.

The first thing noticeable about the band is the immense presence that is singer Dave Grunewald (pictured left) who towers like a monolith over the audience barking out shouted vocals like he is possessed. Although hailing from Germany the band perform songs in fluent English although you would not know they were not native English speakers.

Musically the band pumped out big chugging riffs weaving round intricate melodies with pounding drums like a well-oiled machine. What provided the heart to the performance was Christoph Wieczorek's (pictured right) silky smooth clean vocals providing the perfect counterpoint to Dave’s powerful guttural barks.

The heaviest track of the set was “Fame” which was hypnotic and reminiscent of something by Slipknot. Further highlights were the extremely catchy anthemic “Day to Day Tragedy” and “Wasted & Useful” which had the audience at full sway.The set ended with “Sky” which had incredibly hook leaving the audience wanting more.

Annisokay put on an exciting energetic performance which warmed the audience up for the main act showing that Germany have more to contribute to the hard rock scene than Rammstein and Scorpions. This band is must for fans of Bury Tomorrow, We Came As Romans and Atreyu.

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