Wednesday 19 March 2014

Call It Off - Liars EP review

Call It Off are a Pop Punk band from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, who have been together for less than 12 months and “Liars” is their second EP release. (Before anyone asks they do write and sing in English)

“Liars” (7.5) kicks off with Famous Last Words and it is clear that lead singer, Maurice, sounds quite like Billie Joe Armstrong circa Dookie, which is definitely a good thing. Musically the EP is filled to the brim with bright shiny guitars, pounding drums and throbbing bass lines.

It is evident from songs like “Burning Bridges” and “Stuck With You” that the band know how to pen a catchy tune with memorable choruses.   Lyrically they write about love lost, found and then lost again, although they eschew the schoolyard humour of their contemporaries.

The EP ends on “Call Me” which is slower paced rocker with chugging riffs and a soaring chorus, leaving the listener wanting more. 

This EP is proves that punk pop is not dead and is a must for those looking for vibrant, hook filled songs. If you are a fan of Green Day, Blink 182, New Found Glory and Millencollin this will provide your next fix of heartfelt punk rock goodness.

The EP is already availiable to buy here

See below for awesome video - Stuck With You


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