Saturday, 29 March 2014

Review of Heaven's Basement - White Rabbit, Plymouth 29th March 2014

Heaven's Basement are a four piece UK band who perform a modern take on old school hard rock.

Their intro music was  A Perfect Circles – “Counting Bodies Like Sheep“ and unsurprisingly they launched into the anthemic “Welcome Home”. The band had a full array of coloured and powerful spotlights which created amazing backdrop to their performance.

The band were in full swing powering their way through heavy hitters “Fire Fire” and “Heartbreaking Son of A Bitch" ; the audience singing every word and enjoying every second of amped up guitar noise.

The Aerosmith swagger of  “Straight To Hell” gave way to the bluesy "Nothing Left to Lose" to the full on punky “I Am Electric”, before anyone knew it we were halfway through the awesome set. 

Lead singer Aaron left the stage leaving the microphone in the capable hands of Sid to play Paranoia inviting the audience to join in with the words.
Aaron returned and the whole gig slowed down for a tear jerking performance of their ballad “The Price We Pay” which also showcased an amazing bassline ; the crowd were given time to recover from the frenetic pace of the gig.
The highlight of the show was “Jump Back” which during the epic guitar solo , Aaron jumped in to crowd and surfed his way to the bar before being wrenched back by the overzealous security; rock and roll stuff indeed.  The band ‘ended’ the main set on "Reign On My Parade" a non-Filthy Empire track which had a Gun and Roses feel to it.

The band momentarily left the stage and amidst chants of “basement” before returning for an encore which started with an rousing cover of the Rolling Stones “Jumping Jack Flash”. The gig ended on the amazing “Executioners Day” with its intricate guitar solos, QOTSA-like bassline and soaring chorus.  This gig proved not only how vital Heaven’s Basement are to the UK rock scene but how vital The White Rabbit is to the Plymouth rock scene.

Review of Glamour of The Kill - White Rabbit, Plymouth 29th March 2014

Glamour of The Kill are a four piece hard rock band from Yorkshire who have previously played the White Rabbit with Yashin.

When the band strolled on stage the first thing that was noticeable is that they look the part leather jackets, lots of black and tattoos. Lead singer and bassist Davey is incredibly photogenic and captivated the audience with his amazing stage presence. 

The band launched into “Break” which combines heavy riffage and machine gun drumming; before Davey strapped on his bass and launched into "Supremacy".The band had an infectious metal attitude combined with a skill for writing catchy songs leaving the audience in awe of the power on display.

The highlight of the set was the epic "Second Chance" with its tight chugging guitars and catchy "whoa" refrains. The sound balance was perfect meaning you could hear every riff, bass note and word even when drummer Ben was pounding the drums like a man possessed.

As a curve ball the band played an awesome cover of “Love Gun” originally by Kiss a song so simply infectious it had the band chanting the words within seconds. The set was consistently tight with most song being played from their brilliant 2013 album "Savages" including "The Only One" "Live for The Weekend" and "A Freak Like Me".

The band finished their set on "Feeling Alive" an undeniably catchy party anthem which seemed apt as the band were in the mood for partying inviting everyone to drink till 2am when their tour bus was leaving.

Glamour of the Kill came, they played and they conquered the White Rabbit with their amazing technical playing and awesome showmanship. This is a band that can put on a real rock show; expect to see a lot more of this band in future. 

Review of The Dirty Youth - White Rabbit, Plymouth 29th March 2014

The White Rabbit was just filling up when The Dirty Youth hit the stage, a five piece female fronted hard rock band from South Wales.
As soon as the band started playing it was clear that they meant business with their potent mix of hard rock riffs and screaming solos from the uber talented lead guitarist Matt.  Vocally lead singer, Danni (with amazingly pink hair) has a similar sound to Hayley Williams (of Paramore) but with a lot more attitude, but musically the band have more in common with Skarlett Riot (who incidentally played on Heaven's Basements last tour) with a harder edge.
In their 25 minute-ish set the band played a clutch of catchy tunes and proved that they are definitely one to watch.  The crowd lapped up the set; afterwards the band stayed at the merch  table talking to everyone and signing cds. I don't think you can ask for much more from a support act.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 4 (Say It Like It Is, Embers of Eden, Still Filthy)

Our celebration of rock music in Plymouth and the South West continues with three bands for your consideration.

Say It Like It Is

Say It Like It Is are a 4 piece all female rock band from Plymouth who formed in 2010. The band consists of Wallis (Vocals), Lauren(Guitar),  Liv ( Bass) and  Jeck (drums).

The band have toured relentlessly around Plymouth playing Level 2, Oxjam and The Brass Monkey. They had their first gig outside Plymouth at The Finneygook Inn, Cornwall. in December 2013. The band have just recorded their first EP which is titled “Making Up For Lost Time” and are looking to play more venues supporting the release.
What Do They Sound Like

The band play a mixture of covers of indie /rock songs delivered with their own unique style and original songs. Their original material has a bluesy feel to it with sultry vocals and growling riffs. This is a band looking to build on their growing following and now have the songs to do so.


Embers of Eden are a brand new female fronted hard rock band from Plymouth and include members of (the now defunct) Carnival of Crows and Six Shooter. The band consist of Alex  Dumbiotis (Lead vocals/Guitar ), Oli White( Lead guitars/Vocals), Matt Avery ( Bass guitar/Vocals ) and Chris Harding (Drums)
The band have a polished set of song and are raring to get the name “Embers of Eden” around town. They have a few live recording which capture the raw spirit of the band (see links below).

What do they Sound Like
The band combine powerful heavy riffage and pounding drums topped off with smooth vocals. The band are obviously influenced by bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust and Halestorm.  


Still Filthy

Still Filthy are a new grunge band from Plymouth formed in 2011, all members of the band are currently 16 and full of youthful energy. The band consists of Josh Greenlees, Alfie Beattie, Isaac Robertson and Ross Evans.
They pride themselves on their energetic and lively shows which they have played around Plymouth and we are sure the future holds more gigging for this band.

What do they sound like

The band have a refreshing rawness to their sound and they have definitely been inspired by artitsts as Nirvana, Blink 182, Sex Pistols and Artic Monkeys.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Call It Off - Liars EP review

Call It Off are a Pop Punk band from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, who have been together for less than 12 months and “Liars” is their second EP release. (Before anyone asks they do write and sing in English)

“Liars” (7.5) kicks off with Famous Last Words and it is clear that lead singer, Maurice, sounds quite like Billie Joe Armstrong circa Dookie, which is definitely a good thing. Musically the EP is filled to the brim with bright shiny guitars, pounding drums and throbbing bass lines.

It is evident from songs like “Burning Bridges” and “Stuck With You” that the band know how to pen a catchy tune with memorable choruses.   Lyrically they write about love lost, found and then lost again, although they eschew the schoolyard humour of their contemporaries.

The EP ends on “Call Me” which is slower paced rocker with chugging riffs and a soaring chorus, leaving the listener wanting more. 

This EP is proves that punk pop is not dead and is a must for those looking for vibrant, hook filled songs. If you are a fan of Green Day, Blink 182, New Found Glory and Millencollin this will provide your next fix of heartfelt punk rock goodness.

The EP is already availiable to buy here

See below for awesome video - Stuck With You


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Beyond Recall - UP UP - Awesome band - awesome video check it out

Last night , Plymouth was introduced to a awesome band, Beyond Recall, (yes I have heard all the jokes about not remembering their name), hailing from Bristol town and currently tearing up Scuzz with their latest single Up Up.

Clearly influence by bands such as Linkin Park, Deftones and Rage Against The Machines and stamping their unique British mark on it. In their own words bug Scuzz to play UP UP #teamrecall .

Live, they combine precision playing skills, catchy songs with epic showmanship, at one point lead singer Zaid was singing on the bar. This is a band that you need in your life

Check out the video below:-

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 3 (LGM ONE, Patrons)

Our celebration of rock music in Plymouth and the South West continues with two bands, one established on the Plymouth circuit and the other brand new. This weeks Plymouth Rock's has a punky feel.


Originating from Plymouth, LGM One are an alternative rock band which fuses punk, indie and electronic influence to create a hybrid rock sound. They list Interpol, Tubelord, Blur, Weezer, Radiohead, The Clash, At the drive in and Muse as just some of their diverse influence.

The band consists of David Wells (lead vocals and dual synthesizer), Jon Barraball ( lead guitar and backing vocals), Geoff Heap (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Ben Diffey( bass and Darren Worrall on Drums)

The band have relentlessly toured around the South West spreading their unique sound, they have also put together a short EP.

What do they sound like?

The band is a combination of indie vocals, crashing drums, punk guitars all topped off with funky bass and keyboard lines.

Check out their links


Formed in 2013, Patrons hail from Plymouth. Born out of long-standing friendships and a shared passion for the unconventional. The members use the band to escape the day to day tedium of their everyday lives.

The band have recorded an EP at Middle Farm Studios famed for recording and producing albums by We Are the Ocean, Your Demise and Blitz Kids.

What do they sound like?

They combine elements of post-hardcore and alternative to form a fresh new sound. The band would appeal to fans of Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, Reuben, Say Anything, Silverstein and Thursday.

Check out their links
Patrons Bandcamp

Friday, 7 March 2014

A World Defined - In Absence EP review

A World Defined are an Alternative Post Hardcore band from Derby and “In Absence”(8) is their first proper release. The band is made up of Liam Reeves (Vocals), Harry Gavuzzi (Drums) Alex Sumner (Guitar), Jord Arnold (Guitar) and Matt Pearson (Bass). 

The mini-album kicks off with "June" and a catchy guitar riff backed by electronic beats before exploding into a wall of fuzzed out guitars. Lead singers, Liam’s vocals sound like cross between Thom Yorke and the lead singer of 36 Crazyfists. The song has a catchy chorus that gets lodged in your head for days. This song begs to be released as a single.
The title track starts off very reminiscent of Muse with Liam crooning to a simple piano backing and corkscrew guitar. After a few seconds the rest of the band kicks in with crashing almost tribal drums and chunky riffs. The music twists and turns round a single line refusing to repeat the same musical phrasing.
“The Void” is Thrice-like song with half sung, half shouted vocals and chugging riffage; The song ends on gang vocals before an epic breakdown, Liam shouting “We have all felt this” like a man possessed by pain.
“Gild the Lilly” is an acoustic bluesy number with whiskey soaked vocals; “Brothers” is a relatively straightforward rocker with a catchy echo ladened riff driving it forward. What sets A World Defined from their peers is the attention to detail on each track, showing that alot of thought has gone into composition.
The album ends on “Outro” an ambient electronic instrumental track with a haunting piano, giving the listen time to process what went before.

The album shows the creative diversity within its tracks which invites the listener to repeat the album to discover different layers and textures. The album can be both beautiful and brutal within the space of the same song. This is album for those who demand more than straightforward songs; a must for fans of Thrice, Radiohead, Muse and 36 Crazyfists.

The album is release on the 24th March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Plymouth's Rock Scene Part 2 (Propeller, Crowley's Tears)

Here at Plymouth Rock Scene we are always on the look out for local talent, last week we focused on the heavier end of the spectrum, this week we focus on two amazing alternative rock bands:-


Propeller started out in early 2013 as a group of mates with a shared passion for rock in all its many forms. Quickly they discovered they worked well as a band with each member bringing different influences to create a unique soundThe band is formed of Tom Keith (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar) , Lewis Gerry (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Gareth Thomasson (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Adam Drewery (Drums)

The band spent  2013 touring shows with artist as diverse as Sham 69, Harry Radford, Cosmo Jarvis and Mad Dog Mcrea. The band are currently playing gigs and looking record an EP in the spring.

What do they sound like?
There sound has its roots in indie rock but with a harder edge, definitely a must if you like early Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys. They play with a professionalism expected of a band that has been together alot longer.

We caught up with Propeller at The Cavern supporting Harry Radford

Crowley's Tears

Crowley’s Tears are a hard rock band from Plymouth formed in 2010 which consists of Ramon Welsh (Vocals, Guitar),  Adrian Carter (Guitar), Averill "powerhouse" Garnett(Drums)  and Steven Crossman (Bass). The band have been relentlessly touring Plymouth playing nearly every venue and entertaining every time.

The band are currently working on a single, which should be released this year as well as touring the South West.

What do they sound like?
Their sound is part grunge, part metal and part indie. They layer solid drums, funky bass lines with hypnotic riffs and grunge laden vocals. This band are a must for anyone enjoys Red Hot Chill Peppers, Nirvana , Stone Temple Pilots , Matchbox Twenty, Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden. So basically awesome!