Friday 28 June 2013

Plymouth Festival of Sail Line Up - The Hoe, Plymouth

Thes festival on the Hoe, Plymouth willf eature the following bands:-

17.45 Acoustic duo Paradox

18:05 Four-piece Indie/Rock band, Joker

19.00 Female-fronted indie rock band, Rezonance

20.20 Oasis tribute band, Supersonic

21.10 Mad Dog McRea, a folk/rock/gypsy jazz band

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Harry Radford - Bite The Bullet Single Review

Harry Radford is one sixth of the Post Hardcore band Yashin, he provides the clean vocal counterpoint to Kevin Miles unclean vocals. PRS have been lucky to hear Yashin live twice and meet Mr Radford in person. Harry is one the hardest working singers and not content to be entertaining night after night with Yashin he has recorded a Solo EP which he will be touring later this year.

The song starts off with a synth violin riff and Harry singing with a dance beat. Around the 35 second mark it explodes with big guitars backed by electronics. The song is reminiscent of The Used combining the best elements of post hardcore and electronic rock. Harry has always had a knack of singing catchy choruses and this one is no exception especially the line “we will run away, we will find away, this is where we save ourselves from being saved.”.

If you are a fan of alternative rock such as Yashin, Story of the Year, D.R.U.G.S, The Used you will love this single.  Buy this single, buy it now.

Check out our FULL EP REVIEW

Friday 21 June 2013

Yashin - Get Loose - Friday Video

Yashin - Get Loose 

Our Friday song, if you have not heard this song you need to hear it.

Thursday 20 June 2013

NATIVES - Stand For Something EP Review

NATIVES - Stand For Something (EP) (8).

Natives are a rock band from the New Forest Hampshire who are about embark on a UK tour later this year. The title track from their EP Stand For Something is a tour de force of strong passionate vocals, electronics, bright shiny guitars and an insanely catchy chorus. This is the sound of summer, fresh vibrant and feel good.

Hate.Fix.Hope is a vocal and piano led piece which halfway through explodes in to life with guitars and harmonised backing vocals.

I have never heard the source material for "Pumped Up Kicks" but what I can tell you is, this acoustic track showcases Jim Thomas's voice proving that not only can deliver amazing vocals on record but in a live setting and err whistling ability. (edit - no idea whether Jim Thomas provided whistling).

The last track is a rearranged "Stand for Something" which unfortunately lacks the kick of the original.

This is one of those bands that are going to big, beg, borrow and steal your way to a concert if necessary.

Download now from

If you don't believe me watch this video

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Boy Sets Fire - While A Nation Sleeps Review

Boy Sets Fire - While A Nation Sleeps...

Boy Sets Fire are back and one thing that is apparent after seven years without a record they are still angry, trust me this is a good thing.

After a brief spoken word intro "until nothing remains" kicks off proceedings with a trademark shouted versus and sung choruses leading to the inevitable break down. The lyrics are still littered with the intelligent political rhetoric such as in "Head Will Roll" with its shout of "Fuck your prophets, fuck your holy wars."

The band has still retained their ability to write songs with catchy sing-along hooks and melody which is sometimes overlooked in hardcore. This is accentuated by Nathan Grey’s bolder much improved clean vocals.

If you were a fan of Boy Sets Fire on their last release you still will this is a band at the top their game.The album is tied together with sample of spoken word which I am reliably informed are from a piece called "The Dictator" by Charlie Chaplin, though instead of grating on the listener these piece provide a level of cohesion.

The heaviness has been noticeably notched up a couple of notches which is most evident in "Wolves of Babylon" and "Everything Went Black" which pummels the listener with metal guitars and screeches which would not be out of place of a straight metal album. The inventive guitar work puts their peers to shame and the band manages to keep up with Nathan Grey even at his most fervent.
The album closer 'prey' wraps everything up with Nathan Grey plaintive singing with softer guitars, this is Boy Sets Fire at their softest most beautiful and is a perfect ending to an exemplary record.
Seven years is a long time , many bands have come, many have gone but what Boy Sets Fire have managed to do is keep their fire burning and build on it to make one of the most truly passionate and technically brilliant records you will hear this year.,digital-music,153

Monday 10 June 2013

Spotlight On........Zico Chain , White Rabbit, Plymouth, 28th September 2013

Zico Chain

Who are they ?

Zico Chain formed in 2002 in London when Chris Glithero moved there from Manchester. The current line up is Chris Glithero (vocals, bass), Paul Frost (guitars) and Oli Middleton (drums).

They have toured hard and are on their second album released in April 2012 called The Devil in Your Heart.

What do they say about their record?

“As soon as I screamed those lyrics, I knew right then that I had the album title,” says Chris Glithero. “It encompassed every feeling I’d had during the making of this record”.

“ The title sounds like a negative” adds Oli Middleton “but this album is about wisdom, and it’s relentlessly optimistic”.

THE DEVIL IN YOUR HEART is a self produced labor of love. Having given up everything to pursue the unknown, the band bedded down in various derelict buildings around the UK and began recording.

“We never went near a studio. We were sat in an empty house in winter, with ants everywhere and no heating, but our amps were still buzzing and we were talking about how we could find a way to record an orchestra” adds Chris

What do they sound like?

They have diverse influences from Queens of a Stone Age, Motorhead and System of Down. We would describe their sound as old school grunge with a hard rock edge. Their lead singer has a unique powerful voice.

Where can I see them?

White Rabbit , Bretonside, Plymouth, 28th September 2013

Where can I buy their record?

I Divide - Awesome new video - Follow Me Exeter's finest

I think the title speaks................go see this local band.


Wednesday 5 June 2013

ARIA - We Are All Prisoners Review

Aria - We Are All Prisoners (8)

ARIA are a female fronted hard rock band from Canada. We are Prisoners is their latest full length release.

The album kicks off with an instrumental before launching in to the insanely catchy Purgatory. The feisty lead singer, Bianca, has a strong powerful voice which propels Purgatory forward. The song segues into Unrequited Love with it's multi tracked chorus and male / female vocal interplay. Bianca leads each song with the backing of crunchy guitars, electronic flourishes and pounding drums.

Aria have knack of penning memorable songs and melodies. To The Fire has a marching beat and bass combo with the catchy refrain "thank you, thank you for all you have done" it is not clear whether this is a sarcastic response.

The album slows down for acoustic ballad showcasing their softer side, before returning for the closer Your Underling. This is a must own albums for fans of female fronted alt-rock.

Sunday 2 June 2013

White Rabbit, Bretonside, Plymouth Listings

Saturday 1 June 2013

Senses Fail w. support from Marmozets, Exeter Cavern, 31st May 2013

Senses Fail w. support from Marmozets (and possibly Handguns), Exeter Cavern, Exeter 31st May 2013

The night kicked off with an explosion, a young band called the Marmozets(6). The lead singer, Becca puts her all in the performance, one minute singing, the next unleashing a metal roar. A combination of metal riffs and hardcore break downs kept things interesting, warming up the packed crowd. The Marmozets showed flashes of brilliance but were let down by a poor sound mix and confusing song structures. Possibly a band to watch out for the future.

After a short break Senses Fail(8) hit the stage and immediately wowed the audience with silky smooth guitar playing and Buddy Nielson's voice seamlessly alternating between clean singing to gutteral bark. The band were a tight unit who clearly knew how to put on a good live show.  Highlights of the set were "Can't Be Saved", "Rum is for Drinking, Not Burning" and "Lady In The Blue Dress".The crowd sang along to the old favourites which added to the experience. Tonight was very much spot the new songs off Renacer, which showed a heavier darker side to Senses Fail, an intoxicating hardcore sound which I hope they explore. Only disappointment is that they did not play a full set because of a club night. If you can see this amazing band on this tour book tickets now.

Unfortunately PRS did not see Handguns as Cavern's website stated that doors open at 7.00 by which time Handguns were no where to be seen!.