Monday 7 October 2013

AshesToAngels with support from Evilyn, White Rabbit, 6th October 2013

Crilly - AshestoAngels
Evilyn(7.5) had everything the crowd wanted and proved to be great choice of support acts, with soaring vocals, synthy backing track, heavy guitars, pounding drums and fat bass lines. The riffs were more metal than AshestoAngels punk reference points.

The band kicked off their set with their latest song "The Fire" which is reminiscent in song structure to a 30 Seconds to Mars song, but with added heaviness. Ryders vocals shone through, despite the amazingly poor sound from the White Rabbit desk, which buried them deep in the mix ,behind the wall of guitars.Their set ended on the politically charged "The War Is Now" which was an explosive end to a great set.

Tonight Plymouth welcomed Evilyn, as if they were a local band and they will surely return. They are definitely a band to check out if you get a chance.

AshestoAngels (9.5) hit the stage launching into "Dolls Dolls Dolls" with the crowd chanting "we are, we Are" before following it up with the amazing "Dorian" and "Ugly Club" in quick succession. By this time the crowd were bouncing up and down enjoying every word. The band played as a tight unit with Nico's bass lines perfectly in sync with Jim on drums.

The highlight of the set was the brilliant "Elsinore" with its gang backing vocals and amazing soaring chorus "its only pain you must remember"

Crilly was on top form, swinging on railings, crowd surfing with little regard for his own safety, much to the delight of the eager fans. As on every occasion we have seen them, Falkor's playing was sublime showing such dexterity and skill. 

Falkor - AshestoAngels

By the time the familiar synth introduction to "Wintervention" came on the band were joined by members of the audience for a sing-along. If the national grid could tap the energy from AshestoAngels, they could surely power the whole South West.The set ended on "Ghost Frequency" off their latest release "With Tape and Needles" which is a slower more chugging song showcasing Crilly amazing vocals, before the band exited the stage.

The crowd chanted "one more song, one more songs" until AshestoAngels returned to the stage presumably after drinking copious amounts of water.The encore included lively versions of "Hanging Tree" and  "The Gartland Theory", off their first album. These older songs were given a more punk feel, when played live, with frantic playing from Nico and Falkor.

AshestoAngels came, played and conquered the White Rabbit, not just pleasing their die-hard fans but introducing new fans to their brand of synthy gothic inspired punk . Not only can the band play with such enthusiasm and skill, they give so much of themselves to their fans.

Our apologies to Occulus and Silly Band who we did not manage to catch on this occasion.

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