Wednesday 30 October 2013

LGM One - Oxjam Plymouth SU Bar 2013

LGM One(9) are a Plymouth based who we previously saw playing at the White Rabbit and Level 2 above Roundabout. They take elements of punk and mix it with funky keyboard lines and bass.

They kicked off their set with a new number “Record Store” which laments the demise of writer’s favourite record store. The song had an indie flavour and marked a departure from their usual sound.  

The band has expanded since last time we saw them, adding a full time bassist leaving Geoff Heap to play guitar. The new Bassist, Ben Diffey was pretty handy with his bass, playing as if he had been with the band for many years, rather than a few sessions.

The band hit their stride around “Re-awake”, the established songs benefitting from the expanded sound. They then powered through “Inferno” and new song “Tattoo”, barely stopping for a breath between. This is the sound of a band maturing and finding their unique sound.

The set ended on “Destroying Onions” which had a pounding drum beat and catchy vocals. Freed from playing guitar and keyboard, lead singer Dave Wells was able to concentrate on delivering catchy keyboard lines which set LGM One apart from other similar bands.  Judging by the gathered crowd’s reaction, they gained some more supporters for their funky punk cause.

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