Tuesday 29 October 2013

Ten Zero One - Oxjam Plymouth SU Bar 2013

The first band we saw were Ten Zero One (8) a young band (all members 15 years old) from various parts of Devon. The band having played at the O2 in London, Plymouth SU bar probably seemed rather small.

The band kicked off their set with an amazing cover of “Slither”, a song originally performed by Velvet Revolver which was clearly meant as a statement of intent. Despite their junior years their proficiently with their instruments and lead singer/ bassist Max’s vocals were of a very high standard.

The remainder of their set consisted of self-penned songs, although not all hit the mark square on, they were all enjoyable. Highlights “Pigs of War”, “Look at Me” and “Crazy Jane”. The two guitarists were very talented seamlessly playing complex solos and hard rocking riffs. Max was a good frontman despite his slight stature trading banter with the band and the audience.

This was the sound of a tight unit who were confident playing together. Their set ended on their most effective song “On the Edge” with its staccato feel and repeated chorus building up layers of the song. This is a band to go watch now and to expect big things from in the future.

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