Monday, 10 June 2013

Spotlight On........Zico Chain , White Rabbit, Plymouth, 28th September 2013

Zico Chain

Who are they ?

Zico Chain formed in 2002 in London when Chris Glithero moved there from Manchester. The current line up is Chris Glithero (vocals, bass), Paul Frost (guitars) and Oli Middleton (drums).

They have toured hard and are on their second album released in April 2012 called The Devil in Your Heart.

What do they say about their record?

“As soon as I screamed those lyrics, I knew right then that I had the album title,” says Chris Glithero. “It encompassed every feeling I’d had during the making of this record”.

“ The title sounds like a negative” adds Oli Middleton “but this album is about wisdom, and it’s relentlessly optimistic”.

THE DEVIL IN YOUR HEART is a self produced labor of love. Having given up everything to pursue the unknown, the band bedded down in various derelict buildings around the UK and began recording.

“We never went near a studio. We were sat in an empty house in winter, with ants everywhere and no heating, but our amps were still buzzing and we were talking about how we could find a way to record an orchestra” adds Chris

What do they sound like?

They have diverse influences from Queens of a Stone Age, Motorhead and System of Down. We would describe their sound as old school grunge with a hard rock edge. Their lead singer has a unique powerful voice.

Where can I see them?

White Rabbit , Bretonside, Plymouth, 28th September 2013

Where can I buy their record?

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