Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Anavae Live Review w. support from A World Defined and Crowleys Tears, White Rabbit, Bretonside 16th May 2013


The night kicked off with a local band Crowley's Tears (7) who's lead singer was clearly putting his all in to the performance. The band were rough round the edges but their set was enjoyable and a good start to the evening. They are playing Volksfest this year if you want to check them out.

The next band up was A World Defined (8) which featured a gifted lead singer who spent the majority of the time in amongst the crowd pacing around which was refreshing and involving. The music was inspired in part by Deftones and despite the White Rabbits poor sound quality the vocals shone through the heavy soundscape. If you get a chance check them out on facebook as they have some free songs to download, definitely one to watch in future.

After a short break Anavae (9) joined the stage the lead singer,  Rebecca Need-Menear (pictured above), was a captivating front woman singing her heart out. The band started with the storming Sunlight Through a Straw, Rebecca perfectly hitting the high notes. They played with the level of professionalism of a band that had been playing alot lot longer. The highlight of the set was a brilliant rendition of Invaesion. The electronic backing tracks they used perfectly blended in the with live instruments. The only disappointment was that the set lasted 5 songs and an epic drum solo that had the majority of the band playing percussion. Again if you get chance to see Anavae before they make it big then take it.

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