Friday 1 November 2013

The JCQ - White Rabbit, Bretonside - Halloween 2013

The JCQ (8) are a Quintet (six touring members) from Eastbourne who play mathcore / post hardcore.
The JCQ took the Halloween theme and ran with it, the lead singer dressed as Snow White, and the band as Dwarves. From the outset it was clear this band has a sense of humour which is sometimes lacking in post hardcore bands. 
The band are unpredictable, which adds a hint of danger to an exhilarating live proposition. Playing mainly songs off their new album, Mechanical Young, which should be on most peoples Xmas list this year.
Even dressed in what can only be described as a yellow wedding dress, lead singer, Jack swaggered around the stage singing and screaming. Their sound lies somewhere between letlive, Blood Brothers and At The Drive In, so pretty damn good then. Apparently the band headlined The White Rabbit and no one came but from what we have seen, they missed one hell of a show.

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