Monday 25 November 2013

Mallory Knox Review with support from Bliz Kids, White Rabbit, Plymouth 24th November 2013

Mikey from Mallory Knox

The White Rabbit was at full capacity and the majority of the audience had assembled by the time Blitz Kids(7) had hit the stage. The lead singer, Joe James, surveyed the crowd in amazement before launching into a high octane opening number. They blistered their way through their songs, making the most of their short support slot. The crowd were responding to the band with energetic bouncing and the usual clapping. From the evidence here their new album is definitiely worth a listen.
The crowd were restless during the interval with levels of excitement brewing and the odd chant of “we want Knox”.

The lights dimmed and Mallory Knox(9) took to the stage launching in to their latest single “Hello”. The first thing that was noticeable is that they played incredibly tight and their live sound is a fraction heavier than on record. Up next was “Wake Up” a bouncy number with a simple chanted chorus and accompany “whooa” which feature heavily in their music. The band had hit its stride and the crowd were lapping up every note.
They played back to back, two songs from their Pilot EP, the incredible “Oceans” and catching “Resuscitate” with sing-along chorus of “Stop bleeding, start breathing  tonight”.

The whole evening slowed down for “1949” a beautiful ballad with Mikey encouraging the crowd to grab their loved ones or any random stranger they fancy. The band unleashed a new song “A Secret” on to the audience a mid-paced rocker, which did not have immediacy of some of their big hitters.
The highlight of the set was “Death Rattle" a blistering song with superb shouted vocals from Mikey backed up by bassists Sam’s softer vocals and pounding bass line. In parts the song is as heavy as a brick to a window, showing the band are capable of taking it up a notch. The guitarists fed off each other playing with speed and dexterity. Towards the end of the song the band paused, before they delivered by far their best riff, which some harder rock bands would be jealous of. The band left the stage and after a well-deserved break. The first song of the encore was “Creeper” with its soaring chorus of “we are all broken”. The band were very good at getting the audience involved with call & response parts, circle pits and bouncing.

The band ended on “Lighthouse” which according to the band was written about our lighthouse in Plymouth, which is where they shot the video. The song is very melodic and tailor made for epic sig-alongs. Mikey commanded that the crowd get out lighters, cameras and phones and wave them in the air. The song elicited an even bigger response from the crowd who sang every word as if their life counted on it. Mikey showed how it was done with an epic stage dive into the crowd before being wrenched back on stage by the overzealous security.  
The crowd expected so much from the young band and they delivered on all fronts,leaving everyone wondering when Mallory Knox will return.

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