Thursday 31 October 2013

Crowley's Tears - Oxjam Plymouth SU Bar 2013

By no fault of their own the time was nearing 11:30 when Crowley’s Tears (8) hit the stage at the SU Bar. The band consists of Ramon providing lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Adam on lead guitar, powerhouse Averil on drums and new boy Steve on bass. They play an intoxicating mix of grunge, funk and indie.
The band kicked off their set with new song “Hearts” which was a rocky affair followed by the older “ 4 Letters” with its lush guitar intro and chilled vocals. The highlight of their set was the brilliant “Wonder” a song which features a complex funky guitar riff, which is guaranteed to get lodged in your mind for days. All their songs have solid guitar work from both Ramon and Adam who obviously played together for many years.

They closed with a passionate version of their song “My Heroine” which shows the diversity of the talented band. Because of previous bands over running and poor scheduling , Crowley’s Tears were cut off just as they were reaching their stride.
Crowley’s Tears will be performing at Level 2 above Roundabout on Halloween.

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