Monday 19 October 2015

Review of Speaking In Shadows - The Anchor - Released 19th October 2015

The spookily named Speaking in Shadows are an alt rock 5 piece from Nuneaton. The band is formed of Adam Smith (Vocals), Ali Carvell (Guitar), Lewis Sketchley (Guitar) Sam Powell (Bass) and Grant Sketchley (Drums)

At 6 songs long it is more of a mini album than an EP and up first is "Capsized" a beast of track with Adam's vocals commanding the listeners attention backed with crunchy riffs and thudding drums. Musically the band don't break new ground but they do the post hardcore formula to perfection.

The band show their more melodic side on "Scatter" and "Figure of Eighty" which will inevitably invoke comparisons to Funeral For A Friend.

Highlights of the album include the sub three minute fast paced "Bite" and the brilliant "And Grit" which starts with stomping beat, palm muted guitars and silky smooth vocals reminiscent of Harry Radford(Yashin); Exactly 30 seconds into "And Grit" the band unleash the beefiest guitar riff with an amazing tone that any guitarist would crave.

The album ends on "Easy For You" which is a straight down the middle track with some good guitar work which keeps it interesting. A must for fans of Funeral for a Friend, Deaf Havana and Mallory Knox.

The EP is released today go grab yourself a copy Here

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Review of Fenrir - The Rise (EP) - Released on the 21st September 2015

The cryptically named Fenrir are an alt rock 5 piece from Ipswich a town not well known for bands.
The band is formed of Ben Slater (Vocals), Mike Cockayne (Guitar/Vocals), Krishan Alwis (Guitar),Lewis Rudkin (Bass) and Ben Brennan (Drums)

The Rise(EP) is kicked off with wonderfully titled "Tell my wife I said "Hello"" and it is obvious that the band know how to find a hook and work it the song is positively anthemic. Musically its fat riffage interspersed with weaving melodic guitar parts and prominent bass line. The band continue the formula with “Bones” a short but sweet song; “Hurt Hands” has a more indie feel to it and an interesting chanted lyrics.

The EP takes a break for the interlude titled "Einn" just over a minutes worth of pure acoustic guitar bliss. After the break the band are on it again with "Smoke Signals" which has the feel of a Lower Than Atlantis track.

The album ends on "Victory Rose II" which starts slowly as an acoustic ballad before exploding in a wall of noise for the chorus. This is a diverse and mature release from the band who are clearly crafting their take on the British Alt Rock sound. A must for fans of You Me At Six, Lower Than Atlantis and Mallory Knox.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Review of Future Talk - The Path That Sadness Paved - Released 24th August 2015

On the 24th of August 2015 Gloucester based Post Hardcore band Future Talk released their debut EP "The Path That Sadness Paved". The band consists of Alex Taylor (Vocals), Jay McQuilkin (Guitar), Jack Cadenhead (Guitar) and Max Elderfield (Drums).

The first track is "Sleeping Pills" with swirling guitars and an under current of throbbing bass and drums, topped off by lead singer Alex’s lush vocals are reminiscent FFAF at their most melodic.

“Shadow Poet” starts with a simple guitar line before more chugging guitars kick in; the whole track has a delicious tension building up to the release of the chorus. The band build a fair amount of complexity in to their atmospheric sound building layers and peeling them back to showcase some powerful riffs. The “The Cliffs As A Reminder” has an early Taking Back Sunday feel and is a rewarding slowburner of a track.

The EP ends of the “Fear Life” a dynamic song which switches from delicate delay laden guitar to pounding full band crescendo on a knife edge.  This is clearly just a teaser of a talented band who are shaping up to be a superb live proposition.

This EP is recommended for fans of The Used, Blitz Kids, Underoath and Mallory Knox. Check the guys out on Facebook here.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Review of "Where I Belong" Ep by Elasea released 3rd August 2015

On the 3rd of August Berkshire based alternative rock quartet Elasea release their debut EP "Where I Belong". The band consists of  Andy Bradford  (rhythm guitar & vocals), Olivia Jones (bass guitar), Calum Radmore (lead guitar) and Jevon Smith (drums).

The EP kicks off with "Glass Heart" with lead singer Andy leading the track front and centre backed by chunky fuzzed guitar riffs reminiscent of  Mallory Knox track. The EP keeps up the pace with "Where I Belong" which has a darker guitar tone and a Fall Out Boy / New Found Glory punk pop feel with a soaring chorus and abundant energy.

The band have a pleasing sound that is engaging and somehow familiar as if you have heard the songs before (and you want to hear them again). Songs like the slow burn "Lost In The Dark" and the rousing "Time is Against Us" are sure to be live favorites showing the band can shift dynamics to keep the listener interested.

The EP ends of the chilled out acoustic ballad "On The Line" a beautiful track featuring complimentary male and female vocals before the distorted guitars kick in providing a perfect ending to a solid EP. 

This EP is recommended for fans of Mallory Knox,You Me At Six, Lower Than Atlantis and We Are Ocean. 

Go visit their facebook page is here

Friday 22 May 2015

Review of "The Calm, The Storm" by The Sun Explodes

The Sun Explodes are a Progressive Metal band from Carlisle formed of Dave Maclachlan(Vocals), Jamie Harris (Drums), Alex Adamson (Guitar), Mike Walker (Bass) and Alex Harris (Guitar).

The first track “The Calm” starts with a haunting delay ladened guitar work before lead singer Dave Maclachan's smooth vocals kick in, the track explodes with stabbing guitar riffs contrasting with the calm of the opening; the opener morphs into “The Unatural” which continues the light and dark formula coasting on a wave of floating vocals before the band steps on the gas with guitar led mayhem.

The band are consistently engaging whether it be the QOTSA stomp of “The Grand Design” or the straight ahead rocker “I Walk Alone” which features the catchiest hook of the records.

The EP ends on “Storm of Light” with Dave’s vocals gliding over a piano led atmospheric landscape before the song peaks with full on driving riffage before ending on the serene piano and vocals. The album is veritable banquet of riffs, interesting vocals, harmonies and different sonic texture.

This EP would appeal to fans of Queens Of The Stone Age, Thrice, The Mars Volta, Queens of The Stone Age and Tool.

Interested check out their facebook site here
The Calm, The Storm is available on Itunes here
or purchase physically here

Monday 18 May 2015

Annisokay - The Hub, Plymouth - 6th May 2015

Annisokay are 5 piece post hardcore band from Halle, Germany who were the main support for Fearless Vampire Killers on their tour of England. After a quite trippy drum and bass style intro the band hit the stage with their first song “Monstercrazy”.

The first thing noticeable about the band is the immense presence that is singer Dave Grunewald (pictured left) who towers like a monolith over the audience barking out shouted vocals like he is possessed. Although hailing from Germany the band perform songs in fluent English although you would not know they were not native English speakers.

Musically the band pumped out big chugging riffs weaving round intricate melodies with pounding drums like a well-oiled machine. What provided the heart to the performance was Christoph Wieczorek's (pictured right) silky smooth clean vocals providing the perfect counterpoint to Dave’s powerful guttural barks.

The heaviest track of the set was “Fame” which was hypnotic and reminiscent of something by Slipknot. Further highlights were the extremely catchy anthemic “Day to Day Tragedy” and “Wasted & Useful” which had the audience at full sway.The set ended with “Sky” which had incredibly hook leaving the audience wanting more.

Annisokay put on an exciting energetic performance which warmed the audience up for the main act showing that Germany have more to contribute to the hard rock scene than Rammstein and Scorpions. This band is must for fans of Bury Tomorrow, We Came As Romans and Atreyu.

Find out more about the band on their Facebook page here
Buy their music on iTunes here

Check out their video below

Thursday 2 April 2015

Review of "Darkness of an Age (Deluxe Edition)" by Exist Immortal Available now

On 25th April 2014 we wrote about Exist Immortal's album "Darkness of an Age "

"The band have fused technical metal riffs, driving rhythms, epic solos with vocals that go from all out aggression to melodic clean singing. This album is recommended for fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Memphis May Fire, Fear Factory, Machine Head and Killswitch Engage."

See the full review here 

The band have now revisited the album and released a Deluxe Edition including 4 new tracks, we believe that it should be listed as the "Complete Edition" as the tracks expand the album rather than the usual b-sides tacked on the end, such as normally the case.

The first of the new tracks "Delirium" should be released as a single alone with soaring vocals which float over a bed of pummeling riffs in sync with machine gun drumming;"The Void" is a heavy affair with vocals alternating between full bore roar and melodic singing keeping the listener on their toes. This is perfect song for a rock crowd to get moshing; "Fractured" turns everything up further notch with glitchy riffs and an awesome bassline.

The album ends on "Insanity Project Pt 2" an almost Tool-esque piece showcasing lead singers, Myyricks melodic vocals, a fitting ending to a great album.

Friday 20 March 2015

Review of "Heritage(EP)" by Kill The Ideal Released 30th March 2015

Kill The Ideal are an Alternative rock band from Boston, Lincolnshire consisting of Ash (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Ross (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Luke (Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Jordan (Drums/Backing Vocals).

The EP kicks off with the lead track "Heritage" with a wall of fuzzed out guitar noise before the ocean sized riff kicks in followed by Ash's soulful crooning.

Up next is"Higher" which starts with Ash's massive vocals accompanied by a single higher register riff before the pounding drums and main riff kick the song into overdrive;the track is very reminiscent of We Are The Ocean; "The Fire" is a more laid back track but does not sacrifice a soaring chorus.

The band take their foot off the gas for "My Friends" a track that whilst not as immediate as the preceding three tracks is no less enjoyable showing that they can maintain the quality.

This is a must for those who enjoy big choruses, catchy riffs and constantly shifting dynamics . For fans of Decade, Lower Than Atlantis and We are the Ocean.

Check them out on Facebook here : Check out their video for "Higher" below